06 - 10 JUNE 2006

Subtle Technologies is a four-day multidisciplinary event bringing together audience members and presenters to explore the complex and subtle relationships between art and science.

Subtle Technologies’ mandate is to blur the boundaries between art and science. The annual event combines symposia, exhibitions and performances that juxtapose cutting-edge artistic projects and scientific exploration.

This year’s theme for Subtle Technologies is Responsive Architectures . We are interested in investigating how environments and systems can interact and respond to their occupants. We hope for wide-ranging discussions and presentations that explore dynamic systems and environments at every scale, from molecules to continents. The conference includes a wide definition of architecture that encompasses buildings, mechanical and natural environments. Within this general theme sound and acoustics will be a special focus.


  Leading practitioners of architecture, art, design, engineering and
sciences come together to explore Responsive Architectures. Keynote lecture
by Steven Vogel, author of the pioneering text ‘Life in Moving Fluids’.
Topics include interactive performance, psychoacoustics, smart materials,
Ointelligent¹ buildings, biomechanics, and more.


Aboriginal Architecture Living Architecture by Paul M. Rickard This
³visually stunning² documentary reveals how seven First Nation communities
are reinterpreting and adapting traditional forms.


– Interaccess presents Oscale¹, an exhibit focusing on nanotechnology with
installations by AELab, John Storrs Hall, Philip Beesley,Will Elsworthy

-Artist Nancy Nisbet inventories all her personal possessions, marks them
with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and comes to Subtle
Technologies to trade them away. Bring yours to trade.


The Canadian Design Research Network (CDRN) Parametric Design Workshop
concentrates on modeling, form finding, and fabrication.