17 - 20 MAY 2006

A project by e-werk weimar e.V. in cooperation with the Experimental  Radio of Bauhaus-University Weimar and www.stfumusic.org

STFU is an international non-profit collective of musicians, netlabels and promoters who organize concerts of electronic and experimental music. After successful events in Manchester, Glasgow and Leeds, STFU now travels to the European mainland and beyond: For 2006, events are planned in Boston, Scheveningen, Chester, Helsinki and Weimar.

STFU Weimar takes place at e-werk weimar between May 17 and 20, transforming the venue into an open space for exploration, communication and creativity. CLOSING THE GAP stands for a fresh take on live performance of electronic music and connecting decisively different musical styles. CLOSING THE GAP is also a play on the multicultural nature of the STFU collective, whose members come together from all over Europe for STFU events and use the Internet as their primary means of communication.

Over 30 artists are performing at STFU Weimar, covering many musical bases: From Clicks & Cuts, Chiptunes, Minimal House and Electro to Avant-Garde Rock, Ambient and Musique Concrete, the musical variety presented is extraordinary. Each day is devoted to a theme, exploring various aspects of experimental and electronic music within this framework. The event culminates in a full-on clubnight on Saturday, May 20, with performances by Move D, DNCN, Sneakthief and others sure to electrify the dancefloor. Videoprojections by renown VJs, sound installations and a thematic program at the Lichthaus cinema round off this exclusive lineup.

Another highlight of STFU Weimar are the free workshops in the afternoons that will provide insights into music production with the computer and expand on the participants’ knowledge through practical lessons. In open, free-for-all Jam-Sessions the audience will become part of the action and perform improvised electronic music.


Workshops at Strassenbahndepot, from 1 pm

Wednesday, May 17:
Reaktor Concepts (Chris Malcolm)
DIY MIDI Hardware (Manuel Odendahl)

Thursday, May 18:
Making music with Contact Microphones (Mark Murphy)
Free For All Jam Session (Gordon McDougal, Edmund Coleman, Mark Murphy)

Friday, May 19:
Ableton Live Concepts I (Tomasz Kaye)
Ableton Live Concepts II (Nils Quak)

Saturday, May 20:
Audiomulch – Modular Software For A Brighter Tomorrow (Ben Eyes)
Live Performance Workshop (Michel Morin)

Live Visuals: who-be, MXZEHN, Jonathan Fisher, Quip, Optische 
Stimulanzen, triPhaze & Hagen Wiel

Live Performances

Wednesday, May 17 – Multiple Connections at Strassenbahndepot, 5 pm

Mouthbreather – Glasgow, UK
Kid Quaalude – Glasgow, UK
pingfm – Weimar, DE
talkingmakesnosense – Glasgow, UK (Benbecula Records)
Monulator – Glasgow, UK
Batfinks – Manchester, UK (Hippocamp)
Quip – Leeds, UK (Hippocamp)
Tommy Walker III – Manchester, UK (Human Shield)

Thursday, May 18 – It’s a Jamming Culture at Strassenbahndepot

Special Brew 1.2 – Glasgow, UK (Hippocamp)
Mookid – Reading, UK
bla – Chester, UK
Vars. of LITCHI – Glasgow, UK
triPhaze – Leipzig, DE (privatelektro)
nanoc & wesen – Karlsruhe / Heidelberg, DE
Succuba – London, UK
Klima – Limerick, IE

Friday, May 19 РAudiovisual Stimulation Space at Lichthaus Kino, 
9:30 pm

crashbonsai aka bluermutt – Rome, IT
Unknown Forces – Glasgow, UK (musictrade)
Hands and Fingers – Leeds, UK
Statskcartsa – Berkshire, UK (Boltfish Recordings)
Jonathan Fisher – Manchester, UK (Hippocamp)
Seltsam&Strahler – Weimar, DE (Source Records)

Saturday, May 20 – Closing the Gap at Kesselsaal, 10 pm

The Sunshine Family – Frankfurt, DE (iD.EOLOGY)
Medium Weight Trio – Helsinki, FI
Zanf – London, UK (Electronical)
Sneak-Thief – Edmonton, CA + Berlin, DE (Lasergun Records)
DNCN – Manchester, UK (Gastspiel)
Edgee – Glasgow, UK (Ekwal)
Move D – Heidelberg, DE (Source Records)

and at Strassenbahndepot, 10 pm

Zainetica – London, UK (Boltfish Recordings)
Mint – London, UK (Boltfish Recordings)
Cheju – London, UK (Boltfish Recordings)
Infinite Scale – Bristol, UK (Boltfish Recordings)
Scrubber Fox – Manchester, UK (Skam)
Mormo – Amsterdam, NL (Papergoose Records)
nq – Dortmund, DE (Progressive Form)
Millicent – Manchester, UK (Hippocamp)