Sonic Arts Award is an international award dedicated to the art of sound that has its headquarter in Rome and is aimed at the promotion and production of works of sound at the international level.

Born in 2013 with the idea of developing a personal research in the panorama of contemporary music experimentation, the Sonic Arts Award aims to enhance the work of musicians / artists / performers able to develop an autonomous language, that is an expression of the kaleidoscopic sound universe but that also affirms a specific project, authentic and personal.

After the success of the first two editions has just launched the third edition. The edition of 2014 has reached the 400 works entered surpassing those of 2013 which were 330. In just three years the Sonic Arts Award has become one of the most important awards for the promotion of the ‘art of sound’. One of the keys to its success is certainly the quality of the jury, consisting mainly of internationally renowned artists.

The 2013 juries were as follows:

Sound Art: Taylor Deupree (USA), Max Eastley (UK), Robin Rimbaud (UK)
Experimental Music: Gunter Muller (CH), Rhodri Davies (UK), David Toop (UK)
Acousmatic Music: Christian Calon (CA), Lionel Marchetti (FR), Elio Martusciello (IT)
Soundscapes: Justin Bennett (NL), Olivia Block (USA), Peter Cusack (UK)

The 2014 juries were as follows:

Sound Art: Herman Kolgen (CA), Christina Kubisch (DE), Steve Roden (USA)
Sonic Research: David Grubbs (USA), Felix Kubin (DE), Alain Mongeau (CA)
Soundscapes: Alvin Curran (IT/USA), Alessandro Bosetti (IT), Barry Truax (CA)
Digital Art: Atau Tanaka (JP) Usman Hauque (UK)

The current 2015 edition is composed of:

Sound Art: Andrea Lissoni (IT), Kaffe Matthews (UK), Aki Onda (USA)
Sonic Research: Mark Fell (UK), Jerome Noetinger (FR), Morton Subotnick (USA)
Soundscapes: Lawrence English (AUS) Eric La Casa (FR), Paulo Raposo (POR)
Digital Art: Chris Salter (CA), Mike Stubbs (UK), Anne-Cécile Worms (FR)

The Sonic Arts Award has four main categories which are Sound Art, Sonic Research, Soundscapes and Digital & Interactive Art:

Sound Art is the category dedicated to the sound installation works, including multichannel. In the last five years sound art began very popular and many musicians as well as visual artists create sound installation or utilize sound in their works.

Sonic Research collects works of sound experimentation, whether an acousmatic or an electroacoustic composition, as well as a free form improvisation or a song form. The intention is to reward a work of sound research beyond the categories.

Soundscapes are sound compositions that use only field recordings as sound source. The composition could be created by editing, mixing or processing of the sound source.

Digital Art includes all works of interactive art and media art that, through the active participation of the general public, introduce innovative elements in the field of sound experimentation. Examples include works of Net Art based on sound research that elaborates the traditional codes of the Internet using new programming languages and software.

Sonic Arts Award assign a cash prize to the winning project of each of the four categories, moreover there are 2 residencies for sound artist offered by the Cardelli & Fontana Contemporary Art Gallery located in Sarzana (SP) and the Caos Museum located in Terni.

This year two brand have joined the award offering their products as special prize for 3 of our participants at the competition. We have the pleasure award with 1 Ableton Live 9 Software and Keith McMillen Instruments with 1 QuNeo and 1 QuNexus midi keyboards.