23 - 26 FEBRUARY 2012

Sonic Acts XIV is a four-day festival of performances, lectures, exhibitions, presentations, and film screenings. It will also present a lavishly illustrated publication with essays and interviews.

Travelling Time is the fourteenth edition of Sonic Acts, which will have place from 23rd to 26th of February 2012 in Amsterdam, and its theme is the human experience of time. Time dictates our schedule; time gives us structure. We think of ourselves as living in the present, with the past behind us, moving towards the future. But in fact, there is nothing so complex and ambiguous as time: the arrival the early twentieth century of the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics has tampered with our straightforward concept of time.

The ongoing development and application of technology is challenging, changing and destabilising our sense of time. Communication networks function at light speed and processes are handled in real time by computers operating without human intervention. These technological advances have produced a gap between “machine time” and “human time”.

Art, film and music all have the ability to make abstract concepts of time tangible and comprehensible; they can all manipulate time. In art, a relationship between time and movement creates a sense of space and can identify differences and correspondences between machine time and lived time. In Travelling Time, montage, rhythm and composition in sound and image will intensify the experience of time. Travelling Time is also about the need to act quickly in improvised music; the inevitable slowness of programming or constructing an artwork; time travels and art as a vehicle for imaginary journeys; and art as an artefact from bygone times. Sonic Acts XIV Travelling Time is a quest for space, detail and meaning in time.

14-16 OCTOBER 2011, Krems (Austria)

The 2011 edition of the Kontraste festival is curated by Sonic Acts. The first revamped edition will take place from 14-16 October in Krems in Austria, an hour’s drive from Vienna. This edition of the festival explores a wide range of imaginary landscapes created by composers, filmmakers, musicians and artists.

Imaginary Landscapes is obviously a reference to the groundbreaking compositions by John Cage. His Imaginary Landscape #4 is probably the first composition to exclusively use pre-recorded and electronic sounds. But Imaginary Landscapes refers to any landscape conjured up for our senses by artistic or technological means. It refers to abstract two- and three dimensional spaces, to immersive environments made from pure light and spatialized sound. Imaginary Landscapes refers to the potential of sound and light to make us imagine what is not there, make it feel real, or make us dream.

You can immerse yourself in cinematic experiences, a mesmerising fog environment, spatial laser works, and electronic music by pioneers and new heroes of the genre. These compositions – some specially commissioned – are performed on the massive loudspeaker orchestra of the Acousmonium.

The revamped festival also hosts an extensive film programme, soundwalks and site-specific works. A publication and a symposium with keynotes, panel discussions and presentations will contextualise the festival theme.

Expect cutting-edge sonic and visual experiments by Eliane Radigue, Douglas Kahn, KTL, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Edwin van der Heide, Chrstina Kubisch, Jan-Peter Sonntag, Yutaka Makino, HC Gilje, Gert-Jan Prins, Greg Pope, Kees Tazelaar, Hilary Jeffery and many others. For the full programme and additional information please visit: