16 - 17 MARCH 2009

This event is a one-day conference, which forms part of activity related to the EPSRC Research Cluster – Innovative Media for a Digital Economy (IMDE).  The event takes place on 17th March at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) in Liverpool, our partner for the event and will run from 10am to 530pm. The focus of our conversations will be Social Media and Healthy Environments.

The aim of the event is to bring together select individuals who would be interested in collaborating on funded projects that relate to this subject area and to talk broadly about what is happening at the cutting edge of this topic. We will cover such issues as Google Health, PatientsLikeMe, Pro-Anorexia in Facebook, and it will include a panel discussion on practice-based research with Eyebeam (New York) and the Climate 4 Change curator at FACT, Heather Corcoran.

The event is free, since it is funded through research council funds, though we have limited places available. Please email Andy Miah directly to get on the list. We are using a wordpress space to articulate the works of the event: http://whatdoyougetif.wordpress.com

If you would like to attend, please indicate whether you are happy for your name to be listed here and whether you would permit us to share your email address with other attendees. The programme is nearly confirmed, but if you think you should be on it, also drop Andy an email explaining why. The audience will consist of academics and practitioners in health and the arts who have a good working knowledge of social media. Please note, this is an event directed primarily to colleagues in the UK.

Finally, by joining this event, you’ll also have the chance to see FACT’s innovative new exhibition ‘Climate for Change’, ‘an experiment in local activism and engagement‘, which opens on the 13 March, 2009. Our final session of the day will take place within Gallery 1 of the exhibition, which is open to gallery goers.