21 DECEMBER 2005

A Short History of Dutch Video Art is a compilation of the fundamental contributions of artists from diverse cultural backgrounds involved in the development of Dutch video art.

This publication gives an account of works produced during the last 30 years by 30 artists living and working in the Netherlands. Artists: Marina Abramovic & Ulay, Babak Afrassiabi, Tiong Ang, Barbara Bloom, Daniel Brun, Miguel-Ángel Cárdenas, Ulises Carrión, Yael Davids, Alicia Framis, Henryk Gajewski, David Garcia & Annie Wright, Claudio Goulart & Flavio Pons, Noel Harding, Heiner Holtappels & Klaus Boegel, Nan Hoover, Madelon Hooykaas& Elsa Stansfield, Christina Linaris-Corridou & Robert J. Nottrot, Mariano Maturana, Raul Marroquin, Atsushi Ogata, Dan Oki, Michal Shabtay, Jeffrey Shaw, Debra Solomon, Sandra Sterle, Nasrin Tabatabai, and Lawrence Wiener.

The publication catalogues the exhibition A Short History of Dutch Video Art, which was curated by Sebastian Lopez and organized by the Gate Foundation, and has already been shown in 7 museums around the world. With its 224 pages, this publication is bilingual (English and Spanish) and contains 340 colour illustrations and descriptions of the works as well as comprehensive videographies, thereby providing the most complete overview of the artist’s achievements. The publication also includes an essay by Sebastian Lopez, reflecting on Dutch artistic and cultural dynamics around the new medium of video introduced in the 1970s.