15 DECEMBER 2007 - 16 FEBRUARY 2008

by Vito Campanelli, Francesco Quarto, Donatella Saccani


The physical spaces of Galleria Overfoto, together with the virtual ones of Second Life, host the exibition called Shooting Pixels, pictures collection by Marco Cadioli, Antonello Segretario and Marco Zagaria, about the places, anything but material, but still “real”, of cyberspace and its inhabitants.

If it is true that the Web is an alternative reality, a vital space, always changing, in which we spend increasingly more time – and the Second Life phenomenon is the clearest proof of it – Web photography gets the same importance of direct imprint and evidence of something that “has been”, as traditional photography. So the landscape becomes the red line that links the works of the three artists: landscape in a straight sense, as for the installation of Antonello Segretario (a full-wall view of a green Second Life “island”, including a real lawn extention), but even in a “human” sense, as for the two hyperrealistic portraits by Marco Zagaria, or in both senses, as for the desert black and white landcapes, alterned with images from the virtual wars front and avatar portraits by Marco Cadioli.

All of this, enriched with a recall to the “real reality”, in a dialectic game of inside and “inside-other”, which finds its natural expression in an exposition that involves at the same time the tangible spaces of the Gallery and the simulated ones of Second Life.


:: Marco Cadioli ( ): graduated in physics, is a net reporter in Second Life as Marco Manray since 2005. His reportages were published on \”Liberation\”, \”El Paìs\”, \”Repubblica\”, \”Elle\”, \”Numéro Beauté\”, \”CasAmica Corriere della Sera\”, \”Il sole24ore\”, and displayed at MAXII (Roma – Museo delle arti del XXI Secolo), Pescara Elettronic Artists Meeting (PEAM), SuperNeen (Milano), Sintesi (Napoli). He is a \”Digital Media\” teacher in several Masters of italian universities. He lives and works in Milan, as well as on Second Life.

:: Antonello Segretario (Caserta 1973): Collettiva – Galleria Studio Legale (Caserta); 2005 Inaugurazione del nuovo spazio Galleria Studio Legale (Caserta); Artefiera ArtFirst 2005 – International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Bologna, Italy – Galleria Studio Legale (Caserta); Miart ArtNow 2005 – Fiera Internazionale di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Milano, Italy – Galleria Studio Legale (Caserta); Artissima 2004 – The International Fair of Contemporary Art in Turin – Galleria Studio Legale (Caserta).

:: Marco Zagaria ( ): born in 1969 in Naples, where he lives and works. His first artistic experiences mainly involve painting, getting to the use of manipulated digital photography which fully expresses his desire to interpret and measure reality as a figurative fiction. He took part to several collections in Italy and abroad, among which the XIV Quadriennale at the Palazzo Reale in Naples in 2003.