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Audio/Video Livesets: Sleeparchive, Otto Von Shirack, Errorsmith, Alex Dragulescu, Motomichi Nakamura, Otolab, Kinotek, Boris&Brecht Debackere, Dj Pete , Autobam/Tibor Fabian, Scary Grant, Micromusic 8 bit closing party

Screenings: Visual Music program (Semiconductor, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Reline 2, Tez, Karl Kliem, Meta, Jeffers Egan, Montevideo, Argos), Next Vision program (SUE.C, Agf, Matmos, Scanner, City Pulse, One Minute Suite, Clip Art, N.Est), Zerofeedback

Screen Music is an idea of Gianni De Simone and is followed by Marco Mancuso, the creator and director of Digicult, with the precious collaboration of Andrea Mi, director of Videominuto (www.videominuto.it) and Federica Linke from Basebog.

Screen Music is part of the programme of the Festival della Creatività ( Creativity Festival) , a new and innovating public performance promoted by Region Tuscany to affirm its role of “knot” in the net of global creativity, a “pop” event with a “high profile” communication that has the declared goal of becoming an interactive show window for the excellences of the different creativity fields, of innovation and of research.

In contemporary experimentation within new multimedia areas, artists invited to present their recent video productions and to realize live shows inside the marvellous location of Teatrino Lorenese della Fortezza da Basso in Florence , represent in different ways perfect examples of what today is said to be considered the most advances electronic research.


Music, video, audiovisual synaesthesis, spirit of research, improvisation, design; elements that are present in each of the projects showed in Screen Music in an emotive crescendo starting from glitch and algid audio-video experimentations realized by artists such as the Italian project IDNLNY of the duo Autobam/Tibor Fabian, the Belgian electronic brothers Boris & Brecht Debackere with their incredible performance Rotor and the electronic audiovisual experimentation group from Milan Otolab who will present the new project Op7 developed on the subject of The Seven Heavenly Palaces of the artist Anselm Kiefer, following in the chaotic and absolutely live sound stream of real geniuses such as Errorsmith , the American experimenter Otto Von Shirak , and the new phenomenon of minimal techno, the German Sleeparchive .

Finally, the rhythmic compulsions of djs and experimenters of electronic beat such as the wholly Italian new project Scary Grant (ex Eclat) , the weel known German Dj Pete and the crazy group of 8bit micromusic in Micromusic Closing A/V party (music realized with the old Atari by Stu and Schmx, with gameboys from Tonylight and videos realized with an old style Amiga by Otro).

The vj sets of some of the best national and international talented artists will accompany the performances of all the musicians : designers and video-artists who will build instantly the perfect scenarios, perfect to go with the widespread sounds of the Teatrino Lorenese. The renowned project Kinotek of Mattia Casalegno , the Japanese genius Motomichi Nakamura and the Romanian Alex Dragulescu , will know how to combine live the visual demands which is the central element of this kind of events with the spirit of improvisation and technique, which has changed the vjing from background element of the early days to major pawn of the present area of the media performances.


A rich programme of projections with the video works of some of the international major figures of the contemporary digital creativity will open each of the three days of the festival.

– Visual Music is an exhibition managed by Mancuso for Digicult and requested by Festival Dissonanze 2006 , organized as an articulated path of utilization of the spontaneous and relentless analysis process which has characterized the audio-visual research of the last years, involving artists and projects which are part of performative which seem more fit to take our feelings towards the probable aesthetics of tomorrow. The monograph area regards artists like Karl Kliem, Semiconductor, Ryoichi Kurokawa and Jeffers Egan, which are considered essential for the development of the most updated digital aesthetics, while programmes as Montevideo, Argos and Reline 2 Project represent many of the collaborations between musicians and visual designers from which we must expect the most advanced hypothesis of the audio-visual culture.

– Next Vision is a programme realized by Andrea Mi for the XIV edition of Videominuto as a combination of research and experimentation in different areas of electronic production: the poetic shots of SUE.C accompanied by the music of AGF , the Slomo videos of Matmos and Scanner which play with the concept of slowed down time, musical videoclip of the programme ClipArt , and the audio-video jams of One Minute Suite , and the Chilean urban symphonies of City Pulse and the Parthenopean ones of N.est .

Zerofeedback is a total preview of Screen Music dedicated to the first of the homonymous net-label, developed as a collection of audio-visual projects on DVD, realized in cooperation with the Japanese label Dejine-rec regarding the idea of social networks with Italian artists (among others Progetto Antenna, Besegher, Influx) and musicians (from Japan, England and the United States) part of the community of Myspace.

info: redazione@digicult.it
press material and promotion: andrea@videominuto.it


– THURSDAY 30th November 2006

19.00 – 20.30:
Visual Music Program – Monografie: Tez, Jeffers Egan – 60′
Next Vision – AGF+Sue.C (Ger) / Clip Art / One Minute Suite #4 – 30′

23.00 – 00.00:
Audovideo performance:
Autobam/Elec– Italy (IDNLNY)

00.00 – 01.00:
Live set + Video set
Errorsmith – Germany + Kinotek – Italy

01.00 – 02.30:
Dj set + Vj set
Dj Pete – Germany + Kinotek – Italy

– FRIDAY 1st December 2006

19.00 – 20.30:
Visual Music Program – Monografie: Karl Kliem, Semiconductor – 60′
Next Vision – The Next Big Idea (Usa) / Slo-Mo (USA) – 30′

23.00 – 00.00
Audiovideo performance:
Boris&Brecht Debackere – Belgium (ROTOR)

00.00 – 01.00
Live set + Video set
Otto Von Schirack – Usa + Motomichi Nakamura – Usa/Japan

01.00 – 02.30
Dj set + Vj set
Scary Grant – Italia + Motomichi Nakamura – Usa/Japan

– SATURDAY 2nd December 2006

23.00 – 00.00
Audiovideo performance
Otolab – Italy (op7)

00.00 – 01.00
Live set + Vj set
Sleeparchive – Germany + Alex Dragulescu – Usa/Romania

01.00 – 02.30
Micromusic Closing 8 Bit Party
Stu + Schmx + Tonylight + Otro – Switzerland/France/Italy

– SUNDAY 3rd December 2006

18.00 – 22.00
Visual Music Program – Monografie: Reline 2 project, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Meta.am – 90′
Visual Music Program – Montevideo Program / Argos program – 50′
Next Vision – City Pulse (Chile) / N.est (Ita) – 40′
Zerofeedback (Ita/UK/Jap/USA) – 50′