01 JULY - 15 AUGUST 2010


Celebrating 40 years in 2010 MIS (Museum of Image and Sound) exhibits ROJO®NOVA – Contemporary Culture, a collaborative exhibition organized by ROJO®. A multdimensional international show wich will take place at the effervescent cultural scene of Sao Paulo, Brazil, from the 1st of July to 15th of August 2010, showcasing gigs, art interventions, audiovisuals and workshops.

During seven weeks São Paulo will see an unprecedented experience that will assemble expressions which illustrate contemporary art diversity by the use of colors, lights, textures, music, design, creating collaborative and integrated artistic compositions. Over 50 international and local artists were invited to develop their works in the Museum: divided in groups of seven each week, they will occupy the spaces in layers, in such a way that the exhibition is in constant change and will only be completed in the last week, when the Museum will hold a closing party. After the party, the show will remain open for a few days, displaying the integration between several layers of collaborative art.

ROJO®NOVA is a work in progress show, where the creative process is in evidence and can be viewed by the visitors
. Also the art is produced in collaboration between the artists from all over the world. The result will be a combination of visual arts, experimentalism, contemporary tecniques, technology and ravishment.

A selection of avant-garde national and international artists and musicians shows the innovative character of ROJO®NOVA – Contemporary Culture, mixing young talent with acclaimed professionals of the new contemporary art such as Mark Jenkins, Maya Hayuk, Krink, Kit Webster, Flávio Samelo, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Robert Seidel, Fuck Buttons, Tunng, Sin Fang Bous, Isan, Objeto Amarelo, among others.

ROJO®NOVA – Contemporary Culture will have various ingredients that compose the diversity of the event. Artists will be creating installation works adapted to the different areas of MIS, including stairs, entrance hall etc. ‘Frescos’ all over the walls: several artists will produce murals to create a ‘horror vacui’, filling all the empty spaces of the museum. Furthermore, performance artists will interact with the works of art and art installations, as a way to provoke and entertain the public.

The exhibit also presents a line-up of musicians and national and international artists presenting the latest trends in sound, music and audiovisual arts. There will be more than 45 live shows, including music, audiovisuals and live cinema

About ROJO®

ROJO® is an open independent creative consortium founded in 2001, dedicated exclusively to the promotion and support of the contemporary arts. ROJO® creative headquarters are located in Barcelona (Spain), São Paulo (Brazil) and Milano (Italy). ROJO® generates cultural creative networks, developing and coordinating self-generated collaborative projects and events, hosting exhibitions in the ®artspace global network, selecting original art for sale at the ®artstore online shop, broadcasting audiovisual art through ®online TV channel, showcasing the best video art in a DVD collection, publishing a series of monographic art ®books by uprising artists, and last but not least, the nexus of it all, the one of a kind world class visual ®magazine, composed entirely of exclusive art contributions, open for all artists to participate, distributed in selected international bookstores, and available worldwide at the ®bookshop online.

ROJO® is a worldwise friendly organization, interacting directly with the most talented artists from around the world, and networking locally with ROJO® associated artspaces and directors in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Portugal, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, Serbia, Turkey, Israel, Canada, USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, South Korea, China, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

About MIS

Founded in May 1970 by the Sao Paulo State Secretary of Culture MIS celebrates 40 years in 2010. Since November 2007, is under the general direction of the curator and art critic Daniela Bousso. In addition to promote traditional attractions, combining past and future in a poetic way, the Museum presents an innovative proposal by constituting itself as a center of production, circulation, conservation, research and artistic training, focusing on new technological languages. MIS holds the Brazil’s first public technological laboratory of digital midia, the LABMIS, encoraging experimentation, research and artistic productions in this field, which program is composed of national and international artist residencies, and workshops.

In order to always provide access to knowledge and more diverse audiences, MIS has a structured educational activity and a rich and diverse program, with exhibition highlights such as Pipilotti Rist, Gary Hill and Chris Marker; lectures and workshops with Antoni Muntadas, Steve McCurry, Pipilotti Rist, Gary Hill and Yoshua Okon; festivals like Mobile Fest, SP Photo Fest and International Film Festival, plus a activities like classes (such as its course of History of Art), music concerts, live cinema presentations (No-Domain, project kinolounge etc.) and performances by DJs and VJs.