09 - 11 MAY 2006

RFID will play a pivotal role in fusing the physical world with the digital. RFID allows for the unique identification of objects, and any kind of online data can be linked to these unique ID’s. Here is where the real world and the Internet become two faces of the same reality. What are useful things to have online? How can the sharing of information between things yield us new meanings and experiences? What are important kinds of human agency that should be designed into an Internet of Things? 

The participants of this workshop will develop critical, utopian or nightmarish scenarios for an Internet of things. Ideas can range from scripts for small new rituals to outlines of societal changes of epic scale. The morning sessions are dedicated to lectures on current technology, theory and implementations of RFID. In the afternoons participants will develop their projects. Participants can use the workshop tool consisting of RFID tags, readers and an online database.
Experienced staff will be present for technical assistance. The workshop ends with an informal presentation.

The workshop has room for 16 designers, artists, thinkers and makers who are interested in this technology and its possible effects.  Participation fee is €350 per person, ex BTW. Lunches, technical equipment and assistance are included.