02 -04 DECEMBER 2005

This three day international symposium aims to bring into focus artistic practices of live performance that make use of digital technology in the form of lens-based, networked or locative media. Due to the abundance and accessibility of previously unaffordable technologies, new possibilities have been experimented with and new practice has developed. Real time transmission of observable, transcodable data and the ability of extending the reach of one’s hand across the globe have created entirely new stages on which artists can play. At the same time, new techniques have extended body perception through the sensory apparatus of the computer creating new physicalities to explore. 

With this the simultaneity of space has evaporated and so performer and audience can be separated by day and night, by outside and inside, by mountains of geographic data. On a global stage, artists from different geographies can enter transcontinental collaborations raising the question of how the digitisation of the arts has transformed cultural traditions and practices. The symposium will bring together leading practitioners, developers, scientists and theorists from the disciplines that make up new media performance including live art, locative and pervasive media, telematics, performance and dance, wearable, sensor based and cybernetic technologies.

The symposium is a collaboration between the Radiator Festival for New Technology Art (Miles Chalcraft and Anette Sch=E4fer, Trampoline) and the Digital Cultures Lab of Nottingham Trent University (Johannes Birringer).

Panel Topics

Performance in the Wild City Theatre – Site Specific

The Local and the Global Movement, Digitalization, Transmission

Network as Stage

Dance and Science

Capturing Dance – Visualization Technology

Wearable and Pervasive Computing in Dance and Interactive Design

The Play With Augmented Reality – Mixed Reality

Gaming Structures as Performance Work

Digital Cultures, Performance and Dance

Closing Panel: Digital Cultures & Technology Art


Matt Adams / Blast Theory

Simon Will / Gob Squad

Michelle Teran

Stefan Kaegi / Rimini Protokoll

Sophia Lycouris / Nottingham Trent University

Sally Jane Norman / Culture Lab, University of Newcastle

Sher Doruff / deWaag Society

Thecla Schiphorst / Simon Fraser University

Margarita Bali / Nucleodanza

Keiko Courdy / Kyoto University of Art & Design

Adam Hyde / Radioqualia

Heath Bunting / Irational

Rachel Jacobs / Active Ingredient

John Mitchell / Arizona State University

Hellen Sky / Company in Space

Sita Popat / University of Leeds

Sue Thomas / De Montfort University

Simon Biggs & Sue Hawksley  / Sheffield Hallam University

Marlon Barrios Solano

Ghislaine Boddington  / Future Physical

Igor Stromajer

Chris Salter   / Hexagram Montr=E9al

Thomas Dumke / Festspielhaus Hellerau

DC Lab participants

Yacov Sharir / University of Texas-Austin

Nina Pope & Karen Guthrie – Sometime Later

Simon Pope =96 Charade

Mark Waugh / Arts Council England

Tom McCarthy / General Secretary, INS

Sarah Cook / CRUMB

Matt Watkins / Active Ingredient

Cliff Randell / University of Bristol

Christian Nold

Jen Southern / Digital Research Unit, University of Huddersfield

Nuno Sacramento / University of Dundee

Richard Brown

Steve Benford / Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham

Aylin Kalem  / TECHNE Festival Instanbul

Ivani Santana / University of Bahia

Isabel Valverde

Ran Hyman / Simon Fraser University

Stamatia Portanova

Philippe Baudelot / Monaco Dance Forum

Sue Broadhurst / Brunel University

Armando Menicacci / Mediadanse Paris

Aylin Kalem Iscen / Techne Festival Istanbul

Beryl Graham / CRUMB

Henry Daniel / TRANSNET

Mine Kaylan / University of Brighton

Nuno Sacramento / University of Dundee

Philippe Baudelot / Monaco Dance Forum

Zhen Xin /  HART Cafe Bejiing

Johannes Birringer / Nottingham Trent University