RadarMusicVideos.com is a new social network that gives filmmakers worldwide the chance to pitch for music videos.

Now 3 months old, their first completed commission has just gone online where it’s secured front pages on the mighty YouTube and Dailymotion. 28 Costumes, the band who commissioned the video for £500 are ecstatic; “we’re really happy with the video, Will and George (the filmmakers) were great to work with and we’re over the moon about the coverage we’re getting, it’s amazing”

Radar Music Videos is an innovating social network combined with a commissioning & promotion agency. The 750+ members worldwide, many of them multi-award winning filmmakers, pitch on music video briefs. It’s a service catching on quickly with record labels, management and unsigned bands alike. There are 5 briefs currently live on the site including one for the next Futureheads video via Big Life. Budgets range from $10k/£5k to $1400/£700. Some briefs are performance led, others are open, making production possible anywhere from Argentina to Zambia. According to Radar, there’s more exciting new clients in the pipeline.

Radar also offers aggregation and promotion for commissioned videos across its channels on 20 online video sites. Radar’s track record includes securing 8 YouTube front page features, a MySpace feature and 630,000 votes on Dazed & Confused for a Kylie Minogue video, results generated from previous music video competitions they ran for clients like Mute, Mercury, Parlophone, Domino and Coke Music.
It’s a unique approach to the business of music video and one, so far, that’s looking very promising.