28 - 31 JULY 2009

[prologue] is a series of cultural events, which engage with present-day feminist concerns within the context of changing Europe and beyond. The project originated from discussions held at Mladinski Kulturni Centre, Maribor, Slovenia, in 2004. So far there have been an exhibition, conference, and publications in Graz, Austria; an exhibition and symposium in Manchester, UK; and prologue_BLN, a symposium in Berlin.

In 2009 and 2011 [prologue] continues in Estonia, firstly with a summer workshop on 28th-30th July in Nõva, and a public-session in Tallinn on the evening of 31st July 2009. An exhibition, conference and live events programme will be held in 2011 in Tallinn.

[prologue] has made an attempt to tackle the dissonance within European Feminist discourses, explore the cultural and political impact of European enlargement on feminist art and discourse. Artists, theorists and sociologists were invited to consider and reflect on the impact of shifting European borders and how feminist work addresses these changes. The paradigm shift of the late 80’s had an enormous impact on the notion of what it means to be European. Current economic, political and cultural policies are on the verge of yet another paradigm shift.

The summer workshop in Estonia continues the earlier discussions, to attempt to unfold just how broad the notion of Europe can be and how narrow are its policies, and how to locate a rich body of feminist work. An interdisciplinary approach combines old and new media, sociological research, theory and art from a feminist perspective. Focus is to map feminist discourse and practice within (and without) European borders.

Earlier [prologue] events showed the potential for multidisciplinary co-operations that address feminist histories and goals, but also exposed ruptures within the language and understanding of specific issues and terminology. The aim of [prologue] est summer meeting is to provide an environment for discussions to find out what are the current issues the invited women are interested and to develop ideas and goals for further investigations, discussions and action. This meeting will serve as the foundation for a larger event in 2011.

To map current feminist discourses, the workshop participants are invited to give short talks about their practice and interests reflecting how feminist discourses are represented within their own work. The workshop will provide an open space for discussion and sharing information among colleagues. Participants are invited and warmly encouraged to bring texts, videos and other material to share with each other.

The discussions will be documented and used for developing the 2011 event as well as presented at the public session in Tallinn on 31st of July and at ISEA2009 in Belfast.

[prologue] est host organisation: Tallinn Art Hall

[prologue] est organisers: Diana McCarty, Reet Varblane, Kathy Rae Huffman, and Mare Tralla

[prologue] est Participants: Reni Hofmüller (AT), Eva Ursprung (AT), Oxana Sarkisjan (RU), Alla Mitrofanova (RU), Rosa Reitsamer (AT), Leena-Maija Rossi (FI), Susanna Paasonen (FI), Shula Keshet (IL), Diana McCarty (DE), Kathy Rae Huffman (UK), Tatiana Bazzichelli (IT/ DK), Katrin Kivimaa (EE), Mare Tralla (EE/UK), Reet Varblane (EE), Barbi Pilvre (EE), Christian Veske (EE), Margit Sarv (EE), Eha Komissarov (EE), Piibe Piirma (EE), Marge Monko (EE), Sandra Jõgeva (EE), Mari Kartau (EE), Anna-Stina Treimund (EE), Redi Koobak (EE), Liina Guiter (EE), Liina Siib (EE), Signe Fideelia Roots (EE), Rebeka Põldsam (EE), Heie Treier (EE), Külli Mariste (EE), Maiu Niineste (EE), Rael Artel (EE), Eve Kiiler (EE).

[prologue] est is supported by Estonian Culture Endowment, Finnish Embassy in Tallinn, Austrian Embassy in Tallinn, University of Aarhus