University’s Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery - Reno (Nevada)
18 / 10 - 04 / 11 / 2012

Prospectives ’12 International Festival of Digital Art is the third iteration of a media festival started by UNR Professor and media artist, Joseph DeLappe. It is a unique event in that it is focused entirely on pre-professional artists – highlighting an international selection of work by graduate and Phd students working with digital technologies for the creation of interdisciplinary artforms from visual, performing, music and dance.

Graduate level artists working in and across disciplines were invited through an international call for entries, to be considered for five interrelated events/venues: exhibit, netart, perform, project (full-dome), present and a new category in 2012, “street”. A jury of professional artists, musicians and curators was invited to review and select works for Prospectives.

The resulting festival schedule of events will present a unique opportunity for the Northern Nevada community to directly experience innovative work being created by a diversity of emerging artists exploring digital systems for visual and experiential production.

Prospectives ’12 includes a one-month exhibition in the University’s Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery as well as other on and off campus events, such as Present/Symposium, a day-long symposium of student creative work in the JCSU Theatre; Project-Sound, a thrilling video screening and surround-sound event in the Fleishmann Planetarium’s Skydome; as well Street featuring temporary public art events; Netart, experimental works made specifically for the Internet; and Perform, a
live performance art event at the Nevada Museum of Art.