11-16 OCTOBER 2007

Why a new-media festival in Mallorca? Why in the notorious small town of Andratx? In a chicken farm? Why not!

For four years now, the PING! Festival has delighted, surprised and shocked Mallorcans with the most curious, unexpected and original creations by artists located in two countries: first Belgium and Mallorca, then Germany and Mallorca. (Next year we plan to expand… to three countries…. Mallorca with maybe Poland and Turkey…)

But this year PING! is in Phase Two of collaboration with Germany. We have invited 18 artists from Germany and 16 from Mallorca and together they will blow your socks off……

Photography, sculpture, video, music, installations, dance, performance, workshops, electronics, vjs, djs, 3D, IT.… lots of fascinting workshops, all located in the relaxed and unpretentious ambience of an old chicken farm, draped in vines and flowers, set among orange and lemon trees between the sea and the mountains, a long way from the usual haunts of modern art.

PING! is a refreshing change from just about everything else. Come and enjoy it. You will never forget it.