23 - 28 JANUARY 2007

Piemonte Share Festival, in its 3rd year, will host an exhibition, conferences, meetings, round tables, workshops and live performances. The event will be the size of a soft-rave (a lite version of a rave) or collective party where the magic of the moment creates an atmosphere of festivity and fun, creative exchange and different types of involvement with the audience: artistic, recreational, dance, cultural and up-beat. All admission to the Festival is totally free and the conferences will be both in Italian and English.

The theme will be: Digital Affinity/Communities Now

Every year a transversal theme impacts the Festival contents, from conferences to performances, via a sampler of creative expressions applied to digital technologies (art, music, live performance, interactive installations, 3D animation, software art).

The theme of the 3rd Festival is Digital Affinity/Communities Now that will be presented through taking a look at processes that regulate Communities within creative and innovative processes via meetings and round tables.

Communities today are one of the paradigms that drive transformation by collectively moving into the era of knowledge and information. Communities are multipliers of intelligence, because they give value to individual skills and become engines of growth for society.

Communities then are not just new forms of aggregation, but a way of being and living, a collective and humanitarian project, a culture that links one billion and 80 million people today. The bonds between these people are not just geographical or family based, but inspired by cultural, ideological and political affinity.