22 FEBRUARY 2008

A hybrid event organized by Frank Abbott , School of Art and Design, The Nottingham Trent University (22 February 2008). Trampoline‘s theme for this year is entitled “Performing Space”, a research workshop looking at the transformation our understanding of space is undergoing with the ubiquity of computer technology

The aim of this hybrid workshop is to bring together a range of humanities researchers and artists to examine how the common ground between these disciplines can be developed through examining ICT wireless network strategies borrowed from the work of artists; and conversely how the development of research, particularly in the areas of geography and architecture, can inform the artists’ research and development.

Format of the day

This workshop will adopt a hybrid form with a presentation session in the morning and discussion sessions in the afternoon.

10.00 -13.00: Performing Space-Setting the Context

This session will bring together a range of speakers and attendees from humanities and art practice to examine the context of ICT technology and contemporary space. The session will ask: ‘What is new and challenging about working with ICT networks for creative production and research?’

14.00 – 17.00: Performing Space-Interrogating the Context

In the afternoon session artists and theorists will discuss specific strategies adopted within the work of live media artists with an invited audience of researchers, geographers, urban planners, architects, artists, and cultural theorists.

Between and around these two sessions there will be an opportunity for the attendees to see documentation from related artists projects.

Speakers and presenters:

Prof. Steven Benford , Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham

Prof. David Crouch , Cultural Geographer, University of Derby

Jonathan Hale , Architect, University of Nottingham

Angharad Wynne-Jones , Director of Lift International Festival of Theatre

Prof. John Newling , Sculpture Artist, Nottingham Trent University

Heath Bunting, Artist

Active Ingredient, Artists

Andrew Brown , Artist

Mirjam Struppek , Researcher, Urban Screens

Anette Schäfer, Curator, Trampoline/Radiator Festival

Professor Steven Benford

Steve Benford is the Professor of Collaborative Computing at the University of Nottingham where he co-founded the MRL. He is a co-investigator of the Equator IRC. The Mixed Reality Lab at Nottingham University has worked with artists like Active Ingredient and Blast Theory creating innovative pervasive work using wireless and mobile networks for interactive work within cities around the world.

Professor David Crouch

David Crouch is Professor of Cultural Geography, Leisure and Tourism at the University of Derby, and Visiting Professor of Geography and Tourism at Karlstad and Kalmar in Sweden. He is editor of Leisure/tourism Geographies [Routledge 1999] and Co-editor of Visual Culture and Tourism [Berg 2003]. His work particularly addresses our new understanding of how we perform space from the position of a geographer.

Jonathan Hale

Jonathan Hale is an architect and associate professor at the University of Nottingham. He is author and editor of several books and articles in the area of architecture, the body and technology. He is currently developing a collaborative project with the Vienna based artist/choreographer Cie. Willi Dorner and the Mixed Reality Lab at Nottingham University’s School of Computer Sciences, having worked with the same team in 2006 on a commission for the nottdance06 festival.

Angharad Wynne-Jones

Angharad Wynne-Jones , Director of LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre) will talk about ‘the Lift’. The Lift is a new concept in performance space where artists from around the world and the people of can gather together to share stories, exchange knowledge and imagine and rehearse new futures. The processes of working and developing its design with architects AOC and 200 east and south-east London residents who are representative of the people who will use the Lift.

Professor John Newling

John Newling lives in Nottingham where he is currently Professor of Installation Sculpture at The Nottingham Trent University. Newling has an international reputation and has installed works across Europe and the USA. He has pioneered working with information in site specific contexts and the use of online camera monitoring networks for example Chatham Vines.

Heath Bunting

An artist looking critically at identity and the city in the context of digital networks. He recently exhibited the next stage of The Status Project in Nottingham. Heath is preparing works examining borders and identity to be shown at both the Institute of Contemporary Arts and Tate Modern in 2008.

Mirjam Struppek

Mirjam Struppek is based in Berlin and works internationally as urbanist, researcher and consultant. She is President of the newly formed International Urban Screens Association (IUSA) and a member of Public Art Lab, Berlin. With a background in Urban- and Environmental Planning she has internationally lectured and published essays with a special focus on the livability of urban space, public sphere and its transformation and acquisition through new media.

Anette Schaefer

Anette Schaefer is Curator and Director of the Radiator Festival of New Technology Art Radiator and the Trampoline organisation. The Radiator Festival and Trampoline have been active over the last 10 years curating and supporting work which has explored a re-conceptualizing of public space within the city. The Radiator festival scheduled for late 2008 will be commissioning new artists work which uses this new configurations of the city public spaces and the networked environment.

The WiMAX Forest

Nottingham Trent University has been working with a range of partners including cultural and educational institutions, small companies and INTEL to establish an innovative WiMAX community network in a vibrant multi-cultural area of the city connected to a school and new African-Caribbean and South Asian Arts Centre. By the end of November 2007 the project will be activated as a demonstrator for new content and interaction. A range of artists are looking to create work within this new context.

Active Ingredient.

This is a development of ‘Heartlands’ an award winning locative media project with the Mixed Reality Laboratory designed to re-energise urban space and encourage exercise. It is funded by the Department of Health.

Open City

Andrew Brown will consider the use of dance and wireless technology to map activities in the city presented by Open City across Nottingham at NottDance 07.

Tour Of Tokyo

This project uses international online interaction to develop an understanding of Urban Space by schoolchildren in Nottingham and Tokyo.