Perform.Media presents a ground breaking first for Indiana University and the Midwest, with a festival and symposium creating intimate discussion, performances, gallery environments, presentations and workshops, both online and off.  Perform.Media brings together artists, directors, writers, composers, musicians, DJs/VJs, researchers and theorists, in a festival and symposium, to share work and engage in discourse at the confluence of performance, new media, and technoculture.

Perform.Media traverses transdisciplinary territories in the collaboration and social feedback of creative/artistic work, research and theory.  The festival and symposium will include experiments in live audio-visual improvisations, interactive and game media, performance processes, mobile and locative works, mixed and virtual reality presentations, and “all things newer media.”

With over fifty participants from around the globe, Perform.Media will explore the “performing” and “playing” of participatory and collaborative new media and technology.  Perform.Media supports collisions as much as intersections and affirmations, including creative/artistic, cultural or science/research approaches to the activity of new media performing and technology.

The event will additionally feature a symposium with presentations and workshops on wikis, virtual communities, mobile and translocal work, a talk show produced in the video game Halo 2 and more, on September 30th and October 1st.  There will also be an evening of performance work on  September 30th, including DJs/VJs and audio-visual improvisers, collaborations of writers, artists and musicians, experimental/new media composers, ambient sounds, Game Boy beats and much more. 

Focus areas for the festival and symposium include:

Performing the Audio-Visual
Performing the Virtual or Mixed Reality
Performing the Mapped, Mobile, Translocal, or Distributed
Performing Identities and Personalized Media
The Performing Participant and Embodied Media

Some of the participants include:

Michelle Adolfs & Petra Müller (Germany), Robert Allen and Antoinette LaFarge (USA), Aerostatic- Michele Darling and Terry Golob (USA), Rosanne Altstatt (USA), Myfanwy Ashmore (Canada), Isabelle Avers (France), Brooke Bampton (Canada), Jeff Bardzell (USA), Shaowen Bardzell (USA), Michael Betancourt (USA), Eli Blevis and Kevin Makice (USA), Peter Brinson (USA), Susan Broadhurst (UK), Andrew Bucksbarg (USA), Erik Bucy (USA), Chris Burke (USA), Ana Carvalho and Brendan Byrne (UK), Edward Castronova (USA), Rob Dietz (USA), Robert Ladislas Derr (USA), Mark Deuze (Netherlands), Egg Ensemble (USA), Christa Erickson (USA), Julie Gendron (Canada), Suguru Goto (Japan/France), Mary Gray (USA), Jerel Hall (USA), Norbert Herber (USA), Lisa Hutton (USA), Yuk-Yiu Ip & ST (China), Adriene Jenik (USA), Sarah Kanouse (USA), Denisa Kera, Pavel Sedlak, Haeyoung Kim (Korea/USA), Ilias Koen (Greece), Karma Johnson (USA), Marjorie  Manifold (USA), Don Marvel (USA), NOKAMI (Canada), NY Soundmap- Andrea Polli (USA), Randall Packer (USA), Zach Poff and N.B. Aldrich (USA), Rob Potter (USA), Matt Roberts (USA), Leslie Sharpe (Canada), Robert Spahr (USA), Adriaan Stellingwerff (Australia), Betsy Stirratt (USA), Mark Trayle (USA), Rebecca Uchill and Jason Freeman (USA), Robert Willim and Anders Weberg (Sweden), Narine Yegiyan, Jaka Zeleznikar (Slovenia)