09 - 13 JUNE 2009

Muv Festival 2009
Otolab: workshop of audiovisual design & live media

Muv is an event that explores an universe of languages crossing each other: digital arts and electronic music. At its 5th edition, the festival takes place in Firenze on June 9 / 14, 2009, and is organized by the cultural association Muv and by Intooitiv. A big part of the festival will be dedicated also this year to training in the digital arts field, from June 10 to 13 Muv festival will offer, in the Casa della Creatività in Firenze, a workshop on audiovisual design and live media, organized by the milanese collective Otolab and presented by Marco Mancuso – critic, curator and director of Digicult.

Workshop period:

10th – 13th, June 2009

9th, June 2009 – theoretical introduction to the workshop by Marco Mancuso, critic, curator and Digicult director


Casa della Creatività, Florence – Vicolo S.Maria Maggiore _1

Daily hours:

10,00am / 1,00pm – 3,00pm / 6,00pm

Workshop program:

Together with three teachers from Otolab, the students will learn the fundaments of  Isadora (modular software for real time multimedia processing) and they will use them to create group projects starting from video input. The audio portion of the works, will consist of a first approach to Ableton Live (musical production and
editing software), that the groups will apply to the partially-processed tracks given by the teachers, in order to build the audiovisual interaction. The aim of the workshop is to obtain a first-level knowledge on methods, theories and techniques applied to the audiovisual performances. The requirements for the workshop are: a laptop PC with suitable resources, and a webcam or portable camcorder. On June 9, from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm, Marco Mancuso will present the workshop with a theorical lesson on the history of audiovisual arts, spanning from experimental cinema to sound, video and space, explaining the area of applicability – in the fields of arts and projects – coming from the use of digital instruments (or the integration of digital, electronic, mechanical and analog instruments) of audiovisual synthesis. The theory lesson will take advantage of video materials and recordings that will emphasize the theory, artistic and projecting journey of the experimental avant-gardes (sounds-images-lights) from the last century, up to the contemporary expressions spanning from live media and performances, to live cinema, generation, interaction, net and urban applications. Marco Mancuso’s introduction will be followed – from 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm – by a presentation by Otolab who will revolve around theory and methods of their work, and the following days’ workshop, about sounds, ambiences and images.


Luca Pertegato ; Massimiliano Gusmini ; Bertram Niessen


To follow the workshop, students need a laptop PC with suitable resources, and a webcam or portable camcorder

Number of subscribed students: 15

Workshop cost: 200 euro

Overnight stay:

Locanda Daniel –


Associazione culturale MUV: 055/6530215 – 393/9012540

Collettivo Otolab 02/58308780 – 339/5407490 | |

About Otolab:

Otolab was born in 2001 from a group of like-minded Djs, Vjs, video makers, web designers, graphical artists and architects, who came together to undertake a common journey in the electronic music and audiovisual research. Otolab’s projects develop through lab work, seminars and live sets, following principles of mutual confrontation and support, of free circulation of knowledge and experimentation. The work group comprises individual and collective projects for which various languages were used, from experimental electronics to techno, from dub to industrial sound, always looking for a symbiotic relation with image and video, up to live media and interactive performances. In these three years of work, Otolab has been invited to festivals, national and international events, featuring live sets, seminars and performances, and contributed to self-managed cultural events. Otolab is today a cultural association that lives with the self-production of live sets, performances and audio / audiovisual productions.

About Marco Mancuso:

Marco Mancuso is a critic, curator and journalist in the arts and digital culture field. Director, founder and author of the Digicult project – a cultural and editorial project about new technologies in the fields of arts, design, sciences, culture and society. The Digicult project is based on the active participation of more than 40 professionals representing today the first big Italian network of journalists, curators, critics, artists. Digicult publishes the monthly magazine Digimag, produces a podcast of electronic music and audiovisuals named Digipod, and an international newsletter service called Diginews. Digicult is also involved in a variety of other activities through its agency Digimade. Marco Mancuso is especially involved in contemporary Arts and audiovisual Design, with special interest in software culture, generative graphic design, open source audiovisual technologies, live and experimental cinema, live media and audiovisual design, interactive performances and hyper-architecture disciplines. He is a teacher at NABA – Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, and at the IED – Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan