So far, almost all space programs have been led by governments, usually as part of their military programs. Very seldom were these initiatives developed by amateurs. Individual fantasies were often used and fostered by governmental institutions. It’s time to establish a private connection between "I and Universe."

After three years of research and one year of experience as a satellite engineer, Hojun Song has found that it is possible to launch and operate a personal satellite at a fairly reasonable price. In addition, he has, for the past five years, Hojun Song ha been living as an artist and has been exploring ways of integrating the concept of a personal satellite project into cultural contexts and into his artistic practice.

All the satellite related systems developed by Hojun Song (except for the rocket to launch it), are do-it-yourself programs, designed so that regular people may also have the chance of developing and eventually launching their own. Most recently, he has signed up with a commercial rocket company for a 2010 / Q2 launch.