24 - 26 JUNE 2010


After Barcelona, New York, Lisbon and Oeiras, we are glad to announce that OFFF’10 will take place in Paris, France, on the 24, 25 and 26th of june 2010. A very special city for a very special occasion. It’s been ten years in the vanguard of the avant-garde. 120 months redefining post-digital creation. 3.650 days discovering amazing artists. 87.600 hours learning new ways of expressing human feelings. 5,256.000 minutes of breathtaking experiences. 315,360.000 seconds dreaming on RGB. We lost the count on cofee cups, cigarrettes, bad sleeping, the sweat and the tears -no blood, fortunately- long time ago.

But we also lost the count on the magic moments, the warm welcomes everywhere we’ve been, the unconditional support gestures and the new friends we’ve met all over the world. So many of them. Today we’re a little bit older and, hopefully, a little bit wiser. OFFF has got bigger and better. But it’s still driven by illusion and the aim to get even bigger and better. There’s still too much good art to discover, enjoy and learn from out there.

About OFFF

Since 2001, OFFF festival has been held in Barcelona, becoming the globally recognized and trendsetting event it is today. The three-day festival showcases top digital artists, web, print and interactive designers, motion graphics studios, and new music adventurous. OFFF festival provides insight into all culture media platforms.

As OFFF keeps on moving, pushing it’s boundaries further, reaching for new eventful journeys, the question was in the air: what would be best for celebrating its tenth anniversary? Obviously, a book.

About the book

But not your average book. “Aim High, Keep Moving!” it is an object-book. Also included is an original movie (in DVD format) developed specially for the book; furthermore, it will also contain various objects and gadgets that are predestined to emphasize this publication.

This book is planned to be a journal of a journey. Everything that happened in the history of the festival is narrated in an original, uninhibited and interactive way through anecdotes, situations, testimonials and images by renowned artists such as Erik Natzke, Kyle Cooper, Hi-Res!, Hillman Curtis, Rob Chiu, Michael Paul Young, Digital Kitchen, Fallon, John Maeda, Multitouch Barcelona, Paula Scher, Tomato, Vasava, Joshua Davis, Alex Trochut or Neville Brody.

The design of the book is based on fresh spontaneous aesthetics that go with the concept of a personal journal. The visual effects, illustrations, image treatment and interaction with the reader bring the content of the book closer through an emotional experience.

The cover design and foreword have been carried out by Joshua Davis, while the book design is by Sanpuk and Art Direction by Aimée Campos. Included is a DVD containing an original film plus the entire Offf opening titles collection.

About Index Book

Index Book is a spanish publisher and book shop specialized in Graphic Design and Advertising books for designers.



Is the heart of the festival: the main stage where presentations, keynotes and live performances take place. More than 20 artists and collectives that represent the cutting edge of contemporary visual culture,
commenting on their ideas and creative process, and inspiring the crowd with their words.


The place for experimental electronic sounds. A comfortable area to listen to live performances of electronic music by the most important and innovative names in the internacional digital scene. Essential for music lovers who enjoy getting lost in sound, and of course for those creative professionals, -from filmmakers to motion graphic artists- who find in audio an essential component of their design projects.


The area for the new names in the digital scene who are developing inspiring independent projects on the web or through digital technologies. A unique opportunity to use OFFF as a platform to grow and promote your work.


Screening room showing the OFFF Film Festival selected films, special sessions and retrospectives from the best names in animation, motion graphics, microfilms, opening credits…


Is the main exhibition of the festival, where the audience has the chance to explore and interact directly with the latest projects from the participants in ROOTS and other big names in the international scene of digital arts. From interactive installations to generative software pieces to playful tools, sound art, illustration…


The festival area for independent collectives and artist who want a space to sell their works, and other products like books, magazines, CDs and DVDs, merchandising…


Computer Room freely accessible to members of the audience to log on to the Web and check out the selected pieces in the OFFF Film Festival.


The ideal place to chill out, relax and meet other visitors. A comfortable space with bar and restaurant where everything that happens is made by the OFFF audience.