To celebrate the grand re-opening of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni and as part of the Notte Bianca ’07, moorroom and Alessandra Migani are pleased to present an interactive installation entitled electric moOns by Berlin’s Christopher Bauder, the audio-video installation Carillon Chandelier by the Italian video artist Claudio Sinatti and the performance “3+4, 5+4…” by the international Symbiosis Orchestra.

electric moOns , the work of the German artist Christopher Bauder , most likely represents the world’s largest “3D” screen. 100 hundred balloons floating in the darkness of a room like three-dimensional pixels in an over-sized grid. The result is a suggestive and dynamic sculpture and three-dimensional mapping of lights and colours whose movement and lighting is remote controlled, creating a choreography that follows a soundtrack and changes of melody.

The Carillon Chandelier, a pyramidal and multi-faceted display screen, designed by the video artist Claudio Sinatti will be suspended from the ceiling in the room hosting the performance by the Symbiosis Orchestra . Throughout the evening the screen will be animated by Sinatti’s images.

The performance by the Symbiosis Orchestra will begin at 11:00 p.m. The ensemble, composed of classical and electronic musicians combine music and images to create a symbiosis. The group features violins and laptops, and vocal work that is manipulated and electrified using a vibraphone, together with tangible and abstract chromatic images that are part of an intricate set of projections. The end result is a synthesis of many different styles: improvisation and performance render the ‘concert’ a new and unrepeatable event.

The Symbiosis Orchestra are: Andrea Gabriele (laptop and synthesisers), Claudio Sinatti (video and set design), Geoff Warren (flutes, saxophones), Mario Masullo (drum machine, laptop), Stefano Tedesco (percussions, electric vibraphone) and Iris Garrelfs (laptop and processed voice).