12 OCTOBER 2005

(((NOMUSIC))) is a free platform for audio diffusion via Internet dedicated to Players .

Interventions come from several countries and follow each other in a regular manner at the rate of one person per hour. The development of this Network is aimed at promoting experimentation and creation. The contributions are disseminated from different countries with each participant being allocated one hour in sequence.

(((NOMUSIC))) co-ordinates the interface for these different geographical point without any interruption, moving the audience during 24 hours from one country to the other, without jet-lag . No audio data is kept, the aim being to favour live performance throught the different stream technique in simple, multi or co-stream. The axis of development is not to constitute one dead data basis on hard disk, but to be determinedly a movement on the web where each author becomes an available data and a geophysical site that constitutes a visible tie thus during one terrestrial complete revolution foxglove.

The ARENA is a sound joust continues without winners, without confrontations.
The goal is not the confrontation but the sharing of the knowledge perceptible at the time of the battle and that one carries away like a trace anchored in the human memory.

The audit is in the physical non representation and the perpetual movement of the source, in the combination of the flux, their continuity, to the service of the transportation, of the report, and of the experience of the new virtual worlds to define itself/themselves temporarily.