28 – 29 JUNE 2007

On June 28-30 2007, the Institute
of Network Cultures
, Media Studies (University
of Amsterdam)
and the Amsterdam School for
Cultural Analysis (ASCA)
will organize the New
Network Theory

The object of study has shifted from the virtual community and the space of
flows to the smart mob. When the object of study changes, so may the distinctions
that dominate, particularly the schism between place-based space and place-less
space, both organised and given life by networks. We would like to exploit the
potential of writing contemporary network theory that suits and reflects the
changes to the objects of study that come to define our understandings of network
culture – a post-Castellsian network theory, if you will, that takes technical
media seriously.

It is time to look for elements that can make up a network theory outside of
post-modern cultural studies (which marvelled at the place-less place) and ethnographic
social sciences (which reminded us of the ground). What network culture studies
needs is a ‘language of new media,’ perhaps even signage, to speak
in terms of Lev Manovich; what it currently has is a science-centered ‘unified
network theory,’ to paraphrase the language of Albert-László

Whilst it may come as no surprise to critical Internet scholars, the notion
that networks are not random but have underlying structures remains the key
insight for network scientists. Instead of posing new questions, the work that
follows from that insight often seeks to confirm that structure and its accompanying
patterns, across more and more network-like objects. The question remains which
specific contribution critical Internet scholars and practitioners can make
to opening up network thought. Such is the purpose of the network theory conference.
How must we rethink network culture with a renewed emphasis on technical media
and social software?


Franz Beitzinger, Thomas Berker, Robert van Boeschoten, Megan Boler, Marianne
van den Boomen, Katy Börner, Charli Carpenter, Matteo Cernison, Wendy Chun,
Wayne Clements, Noshir Contractor, Florian Cramer, Michael Dieter, Sophia Drakopoulou,
John Duda, Kirsten Foot, Laura Forlano, Francesca Forno, Jean-Paul Fourmentraux,
Matthew Fuller, Kristoffer Gansing, David Garcia, Paolo Gerbaudo, Michael Goddard,
Olga Goriunova, Iina Hellsten, Ali Mohammad Javadi, John Johnston, Leslie Kavanaugh,
Olga Kisseleva, Valdis Krebs, Verena Kuni, Olia Lialina, Leah A. Lievrouw, Jacob
Lillemose, Alan Liu, Adrian Mackenzie, Astrid Mager, Amir Maleki, Noortje Marres,
Katja Mayer, Marga van Mechelen, Ulises Ali Mejias, Stefania Milan, Anna Munster,
Giorgia Nesti, Lilly Nguyen, Jana Nikuljska, Nancy Nisbet, Claudia Padovani,
Jussi Parikka, Tincuta Parv, Elena Pavan, Bernhard Rieder, Claire Roberge, Warren
Sack, Mirko Tobias Schaefer, Jürgen Schulz, Yukari Seko, Ramesh Srinivasan,
Rob Stuart, Betina Szkudlarek, Clifford Tatum, Tiziana Terranova, Siva Vaidhyanathan,
Konstantinos Vassiliou, Alice Verheij, Kimberley de Vries, Claus Wageman, Kenneth
Werbin, Deborah Wheeler, Homa Zanjanizadeh