15 JANUARY - 10 APRIL 2011

MyWar investigates identity, participation and the reality of conflict in a digitally networked world.

Artists: Renzo Martens, S.W.A.M.P, Thomson & Craighead, Dunne & Raby, Milica Tomic, Sarah Vanagt, Oliver Laric, Joseph DeLappe, Harun Farocki.

Blog, participate and share are the battle cries of a media culture in which the boundaries between private and public, personal and political have been eroded by social media. This exhibition, MyWar – Identity and Appropriation under War Condition, explores the impact of web 2.0 on the experience of war.

The show seeks to pinpoint real and imagined levels of moral implication in wars that are often only experienced in a mediated form. It presents art and media projects with a radically personal affection to war, whether as reality or fiction, motivated by serenity, desperation, projection, or hysteria.

MyWar is produced by FACT, Liverpool, and Edith Russ Site for Media art, Oldenburg, in cooperation with ISEA2010 RUHR. Curated by Andreas Broeckmann, Heather Corcoran and Sabine Himmelsbach.

Catalogue available from Kehrer, Heidelberg: