Mediamatic and B3 Media organize an action packed 5-day workshop about designing interactive audio-visual projects for a mix of new media platforms and channels. The workshop participants come with their own project ideas and /or footage, and work towards a functioning prototype

Workshop approach

The aim of this workshop is for every participant to create a prototype of an interactive audio-visual project that either runs on mobile phones; that exists online, or that uses a combination of platforms and channels (a cross media project).

Project development is supported by lectures on current media practices by outstanding makers, by practical and technical lessons, and by critical discussions.
The content and genre of the workshop projects is up to the participants to decide, but we’ll look into appropriate combinations of content and project format. The workshop begins with an opening symposium, where renowned makers will show and discuss their recent work. The workshop sessions are between 10.00 and 17.00. And we close the sessions with a public presentation and discussion of results.

Trainers / Assistants

Trainers are experienced makers in the field of online, cross medial or mobile phone audiovisual projects. All participants are assisted both technically and conceptually by smart workshop assistants, well versed in all available tools and the media practices that are relevant to this workshop. The trainers-and lecturers team consist of Jakob Schillinger, Florian Thalhofer, Sascha Pohflepp, Lisa Roberts of Blinkmedia and Klaas Kuitenbrouwer.


The target group of this workshop is: Media professionals from the EU; authors, directors, educators and artists in the field of film, video, online content, radio, television, mobile phone content and cross-medial content.

Participants preferably have done the content research for their project, but are still researching on the right media format. Participant need not to be skilled in any specific new media technology, but should be skilled as media makers in their own work area.

Materials and tools

The Korsakow System can be used to create online interactive, databased film projects of very different nature, and can also be used at a more basic level: as a handy content management system for any video project. AnyMeta, Mediamatic’s content management system that offers all relevant social web functionality, and that is also a blog- and documentation tool. Furthermore participants will be introduced to uses of Ning, GoogleMaps and other Web2.0 tools.