15 - 16 FEBRUARY 2006


After a successful CrashCourse in August 2005, Mediamatic now presents a 2-day workshop on social tagging, or Mobtagging.

This non-hierarchical method of structuring information by freely applying metadata to it, rapidly wins ground in networked environments (see f.i. Flickr and It opens up new opportunities for specifying, indexing and searching information in profound ways. In this workshop we aim to expose the inner workings and social effects of mobtagging: How is social tagging changing our attitude towards the processing and exchange of online information? For which usergroups and applications is mobtagging rewarding?

How can we strengthen the advantages and weaken the disadvantages? Also, the practice of applying metadata to physical objects through RFID (see our Triggered by RFID workshop: will be touched upon.

This workshop is especially designed for bloggers and webmasters of online communities, but is also very suitable for artists and theorists who are interested in the possibilities of mobtagging. Several international speakers will present their work and experiences with mobtagging. Participants get to (re)design and evaluate their own scenario/application.

The participation fee is EUR 300 (ex. VAT.); a full programme will be available soon.