28-29 OCTOBER 2006

Once again you can expect an untraditional art experience when the digital network one/o exhibits digital art In Plato’s Cave – for this occasion placed in Thingbaek Limestone Mines near Rebild in Denmark. The 17 works of art – among these 10 computer games – are created by Danish and International artist and can be enjoyed Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of October

This year’s theme – In Plato’s Cave – refers to Plato’s famous cave allegory that questions the nature of reality as experienced through our senses. The exhibited works of art challenge our senses and question our perception of reality. As we enter Thingbæk Kalkminer (Thingbaek Lime-stone Mines) we move into a world of shadow and light, of distorted and subTle expressions of art sharpening our senses and creating a new horizon of possibilities.

Ten works under the title “Arcade” are artistic computer games which aim to challenge our view on the border between art and play by presenting wild experiments together with artistic and political games. The exhibition group Maskinstorm is curator of “Arcade”. ”ExCITe” from Aalborg University show five installations, each in its own way relating to the Plato theme and the relationship between illusion and reality. The final title, “Natural Phenomena and the Coffee Break”, covers a computer-visualized travel in time that brings us back to the great dino-saurs of Jurassic Time, and a video portraying the coffee break as a central ritual of modern soci-ety.

one/o, which has arranged digital art festivals in Thingbæk Limestone Mines for three successive years, is a forum for digital art, digital culture and digital creativity rooted in Northern Jutland. It was established at the initiative of Stoevring Municipality, AM Production, AV Center Aalborg, Støvring Højskole and ApEx/Aalborg University, and the intention is to maintain the MINE digital art festival as a central cultural event in the area. From next year it will be under the auspices of Rebild Municipality, which from January 1st 2007 will be created from the present Nørager, Skørping and Stoevring Municipalities.