23 FEBRUARY 2006

HARKNESS A/V is hosting one of MIGHTY ROBOT’s incredible lightshows with new music by IMAGINARY FOLK and NECKING at MONKEY TOWN (which was just nominated for a time out award as best new restaurant!).  as a HARKNESS event, the focus is on both the visuals and the music coming together to create one immersive experience.  please come.  details below…

Mighty Robot A/V squad presents its legendary lightshow involving frenetic, Brakhage-esque loops and liquid light, to the musical offerings of two Brooklyn bands.

Imaginary Folk will go on around 10:30 pm.  Imaginary Folk is a NYC-based improvisation group that has been performing since 2004. The group’s name refers to the music played as well as its ensemble members; improvisation is explored as a method of reinventing musical worlds through live performance and a sentimental attachment to recorded music, as well as a way of imagining, improvising, and performing who we are as people. Imaginary Folk seeks to draw all music towards the “public domain”, where, facilitated by recording technology, music is dissolved as intellectual property and re-dispersed as an agent for a personalized link to culture and its differences. The group’s members collectively have backgrounds in klezmer, chamber music, jazz, and composition.

Necking will go on around 9:30 pm. This Brooklyn ensemble often plays with just two or three members. But for this performance we expect five or six persons making all sorts of racket on all sorts of things, including the occasional instrument.