by Alastair Dant, Tom Davis & David Gunn (UK/USA)


Manchester : Peripheral is an interactive SoundMap that uses physical workshops and virtual interfaces to allow individuals to create their own “folk songs”.

It creates a constantly evolving audio portrait of the area and an intimate guide to the urban landscape. Sounds and musics contributed by local people are remixed via an online SoundMap, with a physical installation in development for 2007. Visitors to the website are encouraged to save and share their mixes and to submit their own sounds for inclusion on the site, creating an ongoing relationship of collaborative creativity with the wider community. Looking beyond the city centre, Manchester : Peripheral delves deep into the musical culture of four wards across the Manchester’s metropolitan borough, celebrating a far more diverse and complex image of Manchester.

Manchester : Peripheral is one in a series of ongoing works by the Folk Songs Project using digital art, community engagement and audio recordings to explore individual and collective identity in regions across the world.

A new project commissioned by Futuresonic, Manchester International  Festival and Museum of Science and Industry.