24-25 NOVEMBER 2006

After the first edition of LPM (Live Performance Meeting) in October 2004, Rome is going to guest the event again on the 24 th and 25 th of November 2006. Organized and produced by Flyer Communication LAB in collaboration with FLxER,net , Radio DD , Deliriouniversale and 369gradi , at Linux Club.

LPM is a unique occasion to see different applications of ” VIDEO LIVE ” through performances of more than 60 artists coming from all over the world: France, Italy, Croazia, Belgium, Spain, Thailandia, Danmark, England, Uruguay, link by the great passion for video, performances and, first of all, ” LIVE ” acts.

This edition, the 3rd, is not just a meeting anymore: it aims to be a festival, with more contents, bigger spaces and longer terms. Two days of workshops, meetings and performances will create an important occasion of dialogue between experts. It will be a place to meet, interact and mix new and different artistic expressions; an occasion to experiment and to combine different languages: music, video, theatre, graphic.



Two whole days will embrace the broad spectrum of video live performances. Each night Italians and European DJ and VJ will alternates at the consolle.

The OFF Area is the place to meet and, from 12am to 5pm, VJ e video artists will share tecniques, themes and contents through workshops and showcases of projects and products (for example MATROX and EDIROL).

From 12pm till 5am all the video artists will be able to perform at the consolle video, furnished with 10 video projectors and monitors.

The video performances will be presented in combo with theatre shows, concerts, dj set; it will be a unique occasion to see applications of 60 artists of Video Live Performances coming from all over the world.

LPM wants to be an open space that focus on freedom of expression, research of new languages and experimentation through improvisation.