09 - 11 DICEMBRE 2005

Live!iXem grows and gives a wide-ranging insight into the more and more heterogeneous dimension of current italian experimental electronic music and art scene. The Live!iXem.05 competition is now in its second edition and one more time it joins music, video and live performances having research and experimentation as common fundamental elements.

The most indipendent electronic scene, not interested in compromises and commerciall mechanisms, far from dj sets and dance floor, submitted just to the personal creativity. Different styles, different ways of conceiving music and images, their own interactions and the internal sinergies. So among the participating works the jury, composed by some of the most particular artistic figures of the international experimental electronic scene, has selected the most interesting italian contemporary artistic productions introducing them to a more and more curious and attentive audience.

Fine works, sculptures of sensorial materia: sound, space, time, colour, mass. One the principal aims of the Live!iXem.05 is also to open a window on the panorama of the international artistic experimental electronic scene and to favour a comparison between that reality and the national one. An artistic exchange, a true opportunity offered by the stage of the Live!iXem.05 that sees the selected italian artists performing close to those own characters of the new electronic avang-garde who has chosen their works.

Conceived and promoted in order to substain the aims of iXem, the result of competition is a very heterogeneous panorama of the interdisciplinary and electronic experimentation and of the new aesthetic forms linked to the audiovisuals, which demonstate a new way of thinking and realizing live sets.

PROGRAM Live!iXem.05

Centro Culturale CANDIANI
Mestre | Venezia
ore 21,00

venerdì 9 dicembre
Chiglia:e:remi | Martux_M | Jeremy Bernstein

sabato 10 dicembre
Sinistri ++ | Zimmerfrei | Phill Niblock

h 12,30 | 18,30 | 20,30
Spazio Aperto CANDIANI
Installation performance
Landscape08 | Inverno Muto

domenica 11 dicembre
Alessandro Fogar | Tirriddiliu | Metamkine

“Live video processing – Jitter|MAX/MSP” tenuto da Jeremy Bernstein
Partecipazione gratuita
Lingua: Inglese
Requisiti: conoscenza lingua inglese e possesso di un laptop

Biglietto unico €7,00
Abbonamento alle tre serate Live!iXem.05 € 15,00
Biglietti acquistabili presso la biglietteria un’ora prima degli spettacoli


Panorama > Zimmerfrei
Surface Study #1-Sand > Alessandro Fogar
X_scape > Martux_M
Autoctono > Chiglia:e:remi
Black Pulse vs White Space > Sinistri++
Chitarra acustica improvvisamente stravolta > Tirriddiliu

The jury (Jeremy Bernstein, Phill Niblock, Xavier Querél, Domenico Sciajno ) has selected six works. Equal reward for all selected artists, live exhibition and publication on the DVD catalogue Live!iXem.05 represent the prize for the selected works.


The following work has received the HONORARY MENTION of the Live!iXem.05. It has been particularly appreciated by the jury but it has not been possible to include it among the selected works because of its specific enviromental contestualization. This work will be included in the DVD catalogue Live!iXem.05

Landscape 08 > Inverno Muto