26 - 30 JULY 2010


Live Media and FLOSS* Extended Production Seminary with Marco Donnarumma

In-depth Theoretical and practical audiovisual live performance seminary using FLOSS. Pure Data audiovisual real-time processing, tricks and tips to create your own performance tool


The seminary consists of four parts. During the introduction the participants acquire a basic theoretical knowledge about Live Media. The introduction is extended through a review of selected audiovisual works in order to explore and analyse the potential of the audiovisual research.

Therefore participants are introduced to the concept of FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software)
, they familiarize with few FLOSS software as they understand its practical and theoretical keystones.

In the second part participants learn the meaning of real-time audio-video data processing reviewing the most common production tools. Eventually they deal with the process of an audiovisual performance pre-production using FLOSS: from brainstorming and concept design, through planning of the audiovisual format, to the collection of support materials such as texts, tutorials, and the drawing of sketches representing the logic structure of data processing.

The third part focus on Pure Data graphical programming environment. Participants learn to communicate with Pd and how to surf through the audio and visual processing libraries. They build basic processing structures and discover tricks and tips to create their own performance tool.

For the last part the work group is split in smaller groups. Through practical individual exercises participants acquire the technical know-how about the creation/collection of moving images and sonic events within the Pure Data graphical programming environment, thus they develop an original software, following the standard realisation steps: beta-testing; analysis of errors and its correction; and final testing during a collective jam performance.


The seminary seeks to give the participants who don’t have previous experience in programming and Live Media practice the needed theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to feel comfortable within the FLOSS creation environment. The classes’ aim is to make the participants able to understand and assimilate the diverse passages of the creation process of software ad-hoc in order to be independent during the planning and development of a FLOSS project (musical, audiovisual, multi-media or theatre pieces) using the audiovisual language.

Who’s it for

Musicians, producers, live visualists, film-makers, programmers, sound designers or passionates of digital arts or electronic music and experimentation who want to enhance and extend their skills and tools will find this seminary inspirational and fundamental for the further development of their works and creative ideas, free from the limitations of user-friendly and proprietary software.

No previous programming experience is needed.

What to bring

Participants are invited to bring their laptops and encouraged to bring musical instruments, cameras, photo cameras, webcam, microphones, sensors, MIDI devices and fresh, unusual ideas!