17 - 21 MARCH 2011

Artists participating: Konrad Becker, Jorn Ebner, Anaisa Franco, Rupert Goldsworhty, Brion Gysin, Karl Holmqvist, Fran Ilich, Carlos Katastrofsky, Ambient Information Systems, Joseph Moore, Laure Provoust

Curated by Laura P.Gracia

An exhibition about computer code, contemporary narratives, digital art, minimalism and conceptual art. It is exploring the different discourses in the social science (politics, programming or music) to understand the evolution of language, from Wittgenstein to Casey Reas.

It also expresses the logical purpose of language based in intentionality for the development, progress and evolution of this human science based in linguistics and semiotics. In this way, databases and programming codes are the most sophisticated languages in evolution.

As L. Wittgenstein concluded, the best way to express an idea, rather than from paragraph, is the sentence. Here begins a way to think through propositions, closely related to minimalism, where the phrase as a unitary and essential expression refers to the essence of computing and programming language.

Exhibition will show the research investigation process at CED – MACBA Barcelona with the documentation of Wittgenstein, Futurism, Art&Language, Fluxus, Sol Lewitt, John Cage



thursday 17/03/2011 at 20.00H OPENING
performance ‘the possible impossible machine’
minipimer TV >> http://www.minipimer.tv/

friday 18/03/2011 at 20.00H CONCERTS [Pure data live-coding] noishx >> http://noconventions.mobi/noish/
dAAX! >> http://www.noconventions.mobi/daax/

saturday 19/03/2011 at 18.00H CONFERENCES
18.00H the weight of words, de stuff in a blank on-line exhibitions. With mikel garcia, lua coderch http://www.stuffinablank.com/
20.00H media art. conservation and distribution
with http://taxonomedia.net/, http://www.liminalb.org/

sunday 20/03/2011 at 18.00H SCREENING
John Angel Rodriguez, Claudius Maximus, Noishx, Representa Corisco, etc.

during the exhibition, WORKSHOP
contemporary art theory, based in texts of EIPCP, and using Cut-up method of Burroughs, a reinterpretation of Kathrin Busch, Hito Steyerl, Casey Reas, Guy E. Debord, Thomas Dreher, Art&Language, Walter Benjamin, Ludwig Wittgenstein,….