05-07 OCTOBER 2007

KnowledgeLab9: Art – Technology, Authorship, Ways of Living and Art Market – 5th – 7th October 2007, will be a weekend gathering for collaborative and creative reflection. This knowledge lab will address art and ways of critically thinking about our world. Within this broad region of enquiry, the lab will encompass notions of life and art as a political commitment, the influence art can exert in politics and how political ideas in turn influence art. It will also address new ways of making art and how this relates to technologies and social changes, and the use of art as an anti-capitalist means to change and fight the system.

Four streams :

–  TECHNOLOGY: free software, DIY, art spaces and interfaces.

–  WAYS OF LIVING: process, moment, Artivism and performance.

–  AUTHORSHIP: copy rights, ownership, patenting, and appropriation.

–  THE ART MARKET: (new ways of) curating, spaces (physical and virtual) to show art, and ways of making money: Marketing, the means of production, market forces and anti-market forces, the art market, and art and ethics.

Schedule for event:

Stream1: Technology

Stefan Merten together with Raoul Victor will present an introduction on their project Oekonux and then develop a discussion on the subject of free software – which is at the heart of their project – and difference and similarities with art.

Stream 2: Ways of living

Paper: Guerrilla Installation > Miss Information

Workshop: It is an escapist world but one can not make the escape > Jacqueline Forzelius

Stream 3: Authorship

Performance: Performance Work For Free > Beatriz Albuquerque/Campos Baptista

Paper: A Pedagogical Turn: A Discussion on Education as Art > Colourschool / Kristina

Forum: Collective Ownership: In History and Today > Nina Moehler and Martin Pederson

Stream 4: The art market

Paper and discussion: New Models of Curating?: Possibility of non-curating in the network society > Magdalena Tyzlik-Carver

Workshop: How much autonomy do you need? > David Goldenberg