arebyte - London
07 / 07 / 2015 - 07 / 08 / 2015

Judgement is a solo exhibition by Ariel Narunsky at arebyte gallery, London. Judgement is an attempt to utilize the perception of stadiums as social monuments to create a mirror or monument to our contemporary society and the human condition.

The project establishes concepts and views regarding motive, meaning, satisfaction, control, punishment and utopia, while all along grafting it with an internal monologue aimed towards the art world. The work offers a proposal for the UK’s largest artwork, public or otherwise, that will be erected out of the existing infrastructure of the London 2012 Olympic stadium at the Queen Elizabeth Park.

In the exhibition of Judgement the work of judgement is unveiled; the new work will offer a giant spiralled three-lane running track enveloped by a spiral wall. At its centre the track will continue underground through a tunnel, which eventually ejects you back on to the streets of London and back to your life. The construction, once erect, aims to be open around the clock for all to come and take part freely as a spectator or runner alike. Offering itself as a daily activity in the life of a community.


The exhibition draws on the aesthetics and ideas of information centres and visitors’ centres and will be using these elements to form the basis of the installation. The installation will fill the gallery space with 3D printed models, as well as architectural plans and animated renderings; these are accompanied by what might be described as promotional posters, catalogues and screening of a film, “Unknown Game With Ultimate things” a video filmed in the stadium showing the early stages of construction of Judgement.

This chosen language enables the ideas to shift between realms and fields, putting into question the parameters of the work itself.

The manner of sincerity in which it is presented clashes with the idea it proposes; an idea, which sways between futility, humour, punishment and depth of heart; a joke, a critical observation or sincere solution. The gallery will have a small coffee table and some chairs, the installation will offer a place for the audience to sit and rest, have a drink and talk while immersing themselves in the work. From the sublunary to the phantasmal, salvation or hoax; this is our monument and our moment, this is Judgement and all of its derivatives.

Ariel Narunsky (born 1987) is a young upcoming artist. His work is not based in any certain medium; it is based on ideas, a result of observation. His work is not limited in its fields of interest, and offers an accumulation of knowledge and concepts distilled into simple ideas. For his diverse body of work and thoughts he has been paired with many descriptions and nicknames that portray him as being medium-surpassed and a sweatless artist (an artist that doesn’t sweat).

Narusky’s works are often sparked by search for solutions, humour and his love for information. He deals with perceptions of society and existence; awakening issues of meaning, satisfaction, power and control; tackling the place of art in society, the artist as a prophet and relation between artist, art and the public.