Ernst Schering Foundation - Berlin
10 / 09 / 2015 - 24 / 10 / 2015

The project CIRCUIT—Feedback Studies by singuhr – projects, featuring the young Belgian sound and media artist Jeroen Vandesande, is both a “classic” installation exhibition and an artistic research project on the topic of feedback in contemporary art.

The project, which is supported by the Ernst Schering Foundation, was launched on July 6 with a two-month residency, during which Vandesande developed a new sound installation directly in and for the Project Space of the Ernst Schering Foundation.

Over the course of the last few years feedback has become an integral part of Vandesande’s work. In a series of radio and loudspeaker works, performances and installations, Jeroen Vandesande has experimented with a variety of feedback phenomena, investigating both historical and current processes of feedback generation and control. The project CIRCUIT—Feedback Studies sums up his different approaches.


The installation consists of tuned aluminum tubes that hang from the ceiling at various heights, each slowly rotating around its own axis. A microphone is installed in every tube. The rotating movement of the tubes creates dynamic feedbacks between these microphones and the loudspeakers on the floor. Depending on how the tube (microphone) and the loudspeaker are positioned in relation to each other, the resulting feedback interferes to a greater or lesser degree.

What the visitor can hear are spatial, quasi-polyphonic feedback fields whose dimensions can be explored by walking around the room. By opening and closing sound holes in the tubes according to a composed sequence, these sounds are further enhanced spatially and harmoniously. The interaction of random and composed elements, concrete space and object thus generates a sound-space continuum which is continuously changing shape.

Jeroen Vandesande, born 1986 in Turnhout, Belgium. Vandesande studied art at the Sint Lucas School of Fine Arts in Ghent. Since 2004, he has worked in the fields of sound art, composition and performance. Besides performances and compositions for musicians and theater, the focus of his work is on sound installations. His exhibitions and performances have been shown in, among other places, Ghent, Brussels, Kortrijk, Eindhoven, Utrecht, Maastricht, Osnabrück, Berlin, and Washington, D.C.