15 - 17 NOVEMBER 2007

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The seventh annual Interactive Future forum will show from 15 th to 17 th November in Victoria , recent tendencies in new media as well as a conference for exploring issues related to technology. The theme of this year’s event is The New Screen.

IF07 will explore new forms of screen-based media from a diverse body of artists, theorists, writers, filmmakers, developers, and educators. Interactive visual environments, screen-based performances, new forms of narrative experiences, web-based environments, and innovative educational models will all be explored in The New Screen .

The development of tools and strategies for the presentation of screen-based environments has radically accelerated in the past few years. Artists and writers are exploring new ways of controlling narrative flow, formal structures, and ways of viewing. Immersive tools for experiencing visual environments have allowed artists to provide radically subjective experiences of visual surroundings and forms. With the introduction of interactivity, multi-screen environments, and media-rich web-based applications, a new era of performed, live, streaming and/or improvised media art is contributing to the creation of new modes for the screen that are distinct from older forms such as print, film or video art.

The New Screen will include installations, screenings and performances by visual artists, writers and performers. These practitioners are critiquing usual modes of visual interface, such as rectangular screens and determined techniques of interactivity. Interventionist strategies, public participation, experimental projection methods, and destabilizing interactive interfaces are some of the approaches that are used in their work.

List of participants:

Randy Adams/Julie Andreyev/JiHyun Ahn/Kate Armstrong/Stefan Müller Arisona/babel ( Chris Joseph )/ Dr. John F. Barber/Fiona Bowie/David Cecchetto / Steve Gibson/Dene Grigar/Carolyn Guertin/Ted Hiebert/David Hoffos/Peter Horvath/Carolyn Lee Kane/ Maria Latin/ Justin Love/Robert Lawrence / Kirby Malone/Benoit Maubrey/NoiseFold/ Jim Olson (aka. Robotoverlord)/ Maurice Owen/Leonard Paul/Lilia Pérez Romero/Kate Pullinger/Russell Richards/Don Ritter/Leena Saarinen/Dr. Simon Schubiger-Banz/Gail Scott White/Second Front/Mirjam Struppek/ Sue Thomas/Adam Tindale/ Jackson 2bears/Christine Wilks