3 - 8 OCTOBER 2005

Mediamatic organizes in cooperation with Intermedia Institute Budapest and the Academy of Applied Arts Budapest another Interactive Film Lab workshop. In this 6 -day workshop you and 15 other film-, tv-radio-,  or new media makers from all over Europe can use own footage to make an interactive film.

To make your interactive film, you’ll use the ever-evolving Korsakow software. Developed by the UdK Berlin and Mediamatic, Korsakow is a powerful, elegant, and easy to learn editing tool. It provides many creative possibilities to produce your interactive movie.

This workshop will start 3 October with an opening symposium where several speakers will focus on the cinematic aspects of interactive film and on the issues of combining narratives with interactive possibilities. During the next five days on  yoU’ll work on own project with technical and theoretical support from trainers and teachers.

At the end of the workshop (8 october) a selection of films will be presented.

This workshop is made possible with the support of the MEDIA PLUS PROGRAMME of the European Community.