Bimeras Cultural Foundation is proud to launch the third edition of the internationally acclaimed iDANS Festival of Contemporary Dance and Performance. Numerous innovative performances related to the festival theme “Laughing & Crying” will be presented. The Istanbul based festival encompasses a wide range of contemporary arts and breaks down the boundaries between visual and performing arts in order to question and expand the notion of “choreography”.

The concept of the 3rd edition of iDANS which will take place throughout October 2009 is determined as “Laughing & Crying” in order to question the still lingering dualism of the mind versus body in contemporary culture. iDANS proposes an approach that understands social agency in terms of the sensory and affective foundations of embodiment and therefore of experience, indicating the interdependency of the social with biological functions.

The festival will present works that acknowledge the simultaneous individual and social ontology of emotions, as well as their inextricability from thought and belief. The program will continue throughout the season after the October program with performances, talks and book launches.

The highlights of the festival presented by Bimeras Cultural Foundation in October: Nature Theater of Oklahoma (US), Martine Pisani (FR), Mathilde Monnier (FR), La Ribot (ES/CH), Rachid Ouramdane (FR), Zan Yamashita (JP), Ivo Dimchev (BG), Nele Suisalu-Florent Hamon-Nicolas Gastard (EE/FR). There will be three additional surprise performances in the program. Their secret will not be revealed until the last moment!

The festival is dedicated to the memory of Pina Bausch and Merce Cunningham

Bimeras Foundation dedicates the third edition of iDANS to the memory of Pina Bausch and Merce Cunningham, who have contributed significantly to the expansion of the notions of dance and choreography. They have left us recently, yet it is impossible not to hear their whispers either laughing or crying. If a transnational dance/choreography is luminous, it is thanks to these bright starts, the constellations of whom change and transform with every look, every gesture…There will be special film screenings about the artists and their work within the program.

Bimeras Cultural Foundation

Bimeras Cultural Foundation was founded as the culmination of a decade of research and effort in order to support and promote international collaborations in the field of contemporary dance and performance. The most desired result of this effort was the establishment of an international contemporary dance festival in 2007. Aiming to contribute to the perception of dance as a legitimate artistic and theoretical field, iDANS International Contemporary Dance and Performance Festival brings together in Istanbul the most challenging artists of live arts.