Taking place in Berlin from August 31st to September 16th 2007, Illustrative showcases more than 200 works of established European illustrators. The festival marks and displays exciting developments in contemporary illustration and graphics, as well as in other applied arts in the illustrational field, such as book printing and animation. Illustrative is a meeting point for the international creative community – collectors, designers, curators and art lovers.

The show is an established forum for contemporary illustrative art, allowing new generation artists from UK, France, Germany and other European countries to showcase their most daring and ambitious works. Its home base is Berlin, where Illustrative is held every year in September for three weeks followed by a further Illustrative in Paris.

Illustrative– showcasing a variety of themes, styles and techniques – captures the status quo and the newest developments in illustrative arts. In addition to the exhibition, there are series of events, discussions and lectures dedicated to illustration and associated areas.

Illustrative Berlin 2007 sections:

Section 1: Book art + Sketchbook

In this section yu can find some Sketchbooks inediti.

Artists: Andree Volkmann (Berlino), David Henningham, Ping (Londra), Lorenzo Petrantoni (Milano), Wieland Payer (Roma), Claudia Mahn (Halle), Blu (Bologna), Donna Bavosa „25 Disegni” (Bologna).


Section 2: Fashion Grafics

Exposing in this section some peaces from Fashion Illustrators and collections of young Designers who work with Illustration items mainly.


Section 3: Audio-Visual Illustration

Audiovisual illustration take origin from Dj-Culture Video Installation, which was born with the first new media technological possibilities. Lightwriting, Laser Painting, Video and Light Installations, will show a common point: illustration.

During Illustrative Berlin 07, Villa Elisabeth will be theatre of Audiovisual installation from artists like:

Philip Geist (Berlino), Werner Aisslinger (Berlino), Jan Philip Scheibe (Amburgo), M. Takeo Magruder (Londra), Nikolas Bourbaki (Parigi), Lichtpiraten (Berlino), Boris D. Hegenbart-Matsui (Berlino), Ina Keckeis (Berlino), Metuo e Blanche (Firenze-Bologna).