11 - 24 JULY 2006


“I love you [rev.eng]” is the first exhibition worldwide dedicated to the phenomena of computer viruses. In a networked society, dealing with computer viruses, worms, or so-called “blended threats”, has become part of everyday life. “I love you [rev.eng]” is an experiment that challenges contemporary culture and goes beyond current debates on hacking, presenting viruses as destructive force and economic threat as well as an inspiration for art and digital culture.

“I love you [rev.eng]” is divided into four investigative areas – cultural, political, technical, and historical, and focuses on the divergent positions of security experts and hackers, net artists and programmers, and literature experts and code poets. The exhibition examines: What actually is a computer virus? Who creates them, and why? What sort of world is hiding behind these everyday phenomena?

One of the main focal points lies upon the knowledge transfer to the audience. The exhibition aims to enable visitors to gain a broad understanding of the phenomenon of computer viruses and to give an idea about the many layered interrelations. The show presents hands-on terminals, interactive installations and a broad range of didactic material. One terminal displays approximately 40 interviews with virus writers. Visitors have the option to read or listen with headphones to the interviews as audio files.

“I love you [rev.eng]” is the revamped and expanded version of the initial exhibition which was successfully shown in June 2002 in the Museum for Applied Art in Frankfurt, in February 2003 at the”transmediale.03″ in Berlin, in August 2004 at the Watson Institute of the Brown University USA and in October 2004 at the Museum for Communication Copenhagen, Denmark.