16 FEBRUARY 2006

4 years of Hearat Shulaym Art Journal and Heara Art Events

On February 16th, the Jerusalem based artists group sala-manca will celebrate 4 years of the independent art activities of “Hearat Shulaym”. For the occasion a big art event will be held, in which more than 60 artists will take part and 3 new magazines for art and culture shall be launched.

“Heara 10” will take place in all the spaces of the Science Museum of Jerusalem. The art works intervene with the spaces and also with the permanent exhibition of the museum. More than 40 works and performances will be presented, made by more than 60 artists, who have created new works in the fields of video, sound, music, new media, performance and installation.

For one day, the artists will turn the Science Museum into an art laboratory which examines the immediate surroundings where the museum is located: the government authorities’ quarters (Prime Minister offices, the Knesset, the Supreme Court, Bank Israel, etc), the Hebrew University at Givat Ram, The Israel Museum. The works will deal with the national institutions in an attempt to comment in a non-conventional way on the modes of action of the State, and  the history of the “Nation Hill”.

Between the 40 works that will be presented: Tamar Schori, will present her new media installation “Wabbits”, specially conceived for the
event, in collaboration with Ronen Leibman (concept and video), Amir Markowitz (micro-controllers) and Yair Reshef (Jitter programming). Assaf Talmudi will perform his piano session performance (for Max/Msp and piano), Uri Katzenstein & Binya Reches will perform “Hope Machines”, a performance for voice, sound live processing, video and a robot, Eran Sachs and Ynon Negev will present  their new sound installation and  two animation films will be shown: “Jerusalem of Methal” by Sigalit Lifshitz, and “Fallen Art” by Tomek Baginsky, winner of the Golden Nica at last Ars Electronica festival.

As part of the event 3 new independent journals, which are published with the support of Hearat Shulaym will be launched. In order celebrate of the tenth issue of Hearat Shulaym Art journal, its editors have decided, rather than to publish a standard new issue under their edition, to support instead the publication of 3 new journals. Each journal is devoted to a different theme or media: architecture and urbanism, edited by Liat Savin Ben-Shoshan; a fanzine about personal mythology and journalistic garbage, edited by Itamar Baz; poetry, edited by Eran Sheffi and Nir Brand.

Those projects are produced in an independent way, without official support or commercial sponsors. This policy is result of a conscious decision of the organizers in an attempt to develop non-institutional ways of art activity.