05 FEBRUARY - 01 MARCH 2009

As Glowlab gallery settles into new SoHo location, the new york event returns to the roots in interactive and participatory artwork with Glowlounge, an exhibition modeled on original salon-style events that took place in Williamsburg from 2003 to 2005.

Glowlounge acts as a platform for artists and the public to connect in an informal, creative setting to view and talk about art, social change and progressive approaches to urban living. Past Glowlounge events have featured cultural change agents including Swoon, Flash Mobs creator Bill Wasik and more.

Shaking up the traditional art world model of the month-long-show-with-opening-reception, Glowlounge opts to evolve over the course of four weeks. Each Thursday night we’ll stay open late with a changing selection of artworks and participating artists in attendance to discuss their projects with our guests. These nighttime lounges will have limited capacity, and reservations may be secured via email to The exhibition will also be on view during our regular gallery hours.

Glowlounge brings long-time Glowlab collaborators Steve Lambert, Sal Randolph and Lee Walton together with current gallery artists CutUp, Beka Goedde, Heather L. Johnson, David Kesting, Roberto Molla and Mark Price.

We’ll also introduce works by Paloma Crousillat, Pablo Helguera, Emily Henretta, Brian Leo, Casey Porn, Tod Seelie and additional artists as the show unfolds in an environment of chance and discovery.

As Gallery Director Christina Ray describes, “We launched this series almost six years ago and it sparked so much exciting conversation and collaboration within our community. We really look forward to bringing it back now”. In the spirit of a true experiment, Glowlounge offers a continuous opportunity for artists and the public to engage in dialogue and explore the convergence of art, technology and the urban environment.