12 JANUARY 2006

All through the day, authors and specialists will debate on the meaning and the orientation of computer games created by artists, their objectives and the social and educational power of these types of proposals. The themes dealt with center on current issues, such as immigration, racial and religious discrimination, historical media visions or war. The projects respond to some of the strategies adopted by the creators, such as turning reward into failure, establishing new systems of social justice or using simulated violence to denounce real violence.


10.00 h Presentation
Laura Baigorri, seminar coordinator

10.30 h
Gonzalo Frasca, theoretician and creator who specializes in social and political games. Centre for Computer Game Research. Copenhague

11.30 h
Anne Marie Schleiner, Opersorcery, creator who specializes in game modifications. United States.

13.00 h
Radwan Kasmiya, professor and video game creator, Syria

16.00 h
Katharine Neil, creative director of Escape from Woomera, Australia, and Flavio Escribano, creator and video game specialist, Spain

17.30 h
Rafael Fajardo, theoretician and on-line video game creator, United States

19.00 h
Round table with the participation of all of the speakers.

Coordinator: Laura Baigorri, art critic and video and professor at the Fine Arts Department, University of Barcelona