4 - 8 APRILE 2006

This year Futuro Presente, the new festival of Contemporary Arts, gives homage to Philip Glass, one of the last 40 years international music scene main protagonists, who linked his creative processes with those of extraordinary innovators of other disciplines (music, theatre, dance, poetry, cinema, visual arts).

This is a complete homage to the famouse american musician through five nights of music under his creative spirit, a review of the most important movies made in music by him, and also meetings, videodocumentaries and audio patterns

Programma dei concerti:

martedì 4 aprile ore 21
Philip Glass e Patti Smith
Footnote to Howl
Omaggio ad Allen Ginsberg

mercoledì 5 aprile ore 21
Philip Glass
Études and Other Works for Solo Piano

giovedì 6 aprile ore 21
Philip Glass, Molissa Fenley e Giovanni Sollima
Dreaming Together – Provenance Unknown – The Secret Agent – The
Orchard – Concerto Rotondo – D-Raga – Dreaming Awake

venerdì 7 aprile ore 21
Philip Glass e Philip Glass Ensemble
Koyaanisqatsi – Life out of Balance

sabato 8 aprile ore 18
Philip Glass e Philip Glass Ensemble
Music in Twelve Parts