22 - 27 APRIL 2009

From 22 to 27 April 2009, renowned gallery ‘O in Milan’s emerging “Zona Isola” is hosting the Austrian air-filled design show GD2D+PD3D, fresh air by PureAustrianDesign. An installation developed together with gallery owner Sara Serigelli adds the two dimensions of the exhibited graphic design and the three dimensions of product design a fourth one.

The exhibition and opening on 21 April is expected to be an airy highlight of the entire program offered during Milan design fair Salone Internazionale del Mobile. Organized by the Austrian Cultural Forum in Milan and curated by Vienna-based design studio JULAND BarcelonaVienna and guest curator Stefan Moritsch (bkm design working group), the exhibition brings along outstanding, extraordinary and unusual works of contemporary graphic and product design from Austria.

On Saturday 25 April 2009, the gallery will house PureAustrianSound, a special event featuring contemporary electronic music from Austria, performed by internationally renowned sound artists Werner Dafeldecker, Martin Brandlmayr, and Michael Moser.

The Formula GD2D+PD3D

GD2D+PD3D, fresh air by PureAustrianDesign reveals the essence of contemporary Austrian design and brings together contemporary graphic and product design. The great diversity and high quality of Austrian graphic design is presented on the basis of illustrations and work from the fields of corporate design, typography, publishing and promotion.

The selection of products, however, shows the clear profile of a single category: the chair as Austrian “supreme discipline”. What started with the coffeehouse chairs by the Thonet Brothers about a hundred years ago, continues today with a variety of different chair designs that renew the high quality and innovative strength, causing a sensation on today’s international design stages.

The Exhibition Architecture – An Airy Affair

The combination of product and graphic design is based on the fact that these two disciplines often merge naturally. A breathtaking exhibition architecture toys with the dimensions where both design disciplines are expressed. The 2D of graphic design and the 3D of product design are pointed out in a novel way, at the same time the element air plays a major role.

Acknowledged Luminaries Meet Young Talent

In this dimensional rollercoaster ride, there is work by young, internationally more or less known creators such as Büro X, Ichiban, Jung von Matt, Paul Busk, Tina Frank and Moodley. Amidst – also squeezed between air masses – one by Stefan Sagmeister, who, based in New York, made a name for himself with his book this year. Regarding the product design (in the form of chairs as Austrian ‘supreme’ discipline), creations by acknowledged luminaries also meet young talent here: chairs by Herrmann Czech and Friedrich Kiesler stand – or rather hang – next to those by EOOS, for use and Hussl and illustrate the scope of contemporary Austrian creativity.

5 Days of Austrian Design Culture in Milan’s Gallery ‘O

Since years, the central Milan-based Gallery ‘O has been working with Austrian artists. Simultaneously to the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, when the whole design world is looking at Milan, the fairgrounds and Zona Tortona in Milan’s centre, the gallery’s premises are a splendid place to present GD2D + PD3D, fresh air by PureAustrianDesign with this stunning selection of current design culture from Austria.

Sound Design From Austria

On Saturday, April 25, 2009, an event of the special kind will be held in the framework of the exhibition: PureAustrianSound presents 3 young Austrian sound artists who will perform their electronic experiments in three separate sets. Werner Dafeldecker, Martin Brandlmayr, and Michael Moser are the three invited artists to fill with their soundscapes the air space between the airy cylinders. The playful approach to architecture invites the visitor to interact and seduces him to experience contemporary design from Austria in an exciting way.