9 - 12 SEPTEMBER 2010

The second edition of the cross-disciplinary arts festival Flux/S will once again draw an international group of artists, architects, performers, dancers, writers and musicians to Strijp-S, the former Philips industrial site in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

During the space of four days, they will react to the possibilities and challenges of this new cultural heart of the city, by means of 35 installations, artistic and musical performances and interventions spread over 20,000 square metres of exhibition area and two hectares of outside space.

Strijp-S and Flux/S : episode 2

After a well-attended first edition in 2009, Flux/S will return to Strijp-S, the former Philips industrial site in Eindhoven that over the next years to come will be transformed into the new cultural heart of the city. In anticipation of this metamorphosis, the international arts festival Flux/S annually invites a large number of artists to come up with new ideas and proposals that inspire and challenge the development of this modern and innovative living and working environment.

Flux/S – Drafts Establishing Future

With the first pioneers having settled at Strijp S, the human dimension is tentatively emerging between the cranes, piles of sand and connecting roads. Inter-human, social and economic issues are forcing themselves upon us. This second edition of Flux/S, under the prophetic title ‘Drafts Establishing Future’, ties in with the arrival of the first inhabitants. For four days on end, inside and around these monumental factory buildings, the site-specific installations and performances will make invisible processes and relevant conditions tangible for the visitor.

The programme – some of the (many) highlights

In his Penwald series, Tony Orrico uses his own body – and his perfect control thereof – as an instrument with which to depict the natural but delicate relationship between body, mind and environment. The young architects’ collective Lilith Ronner van Hooijdonk has erected Crushroom, a construction of fences that appears to be meant as an obstacle, but will in fact turn out to open up the future. Encouraged and guided by the choices of visitors, the four artists making up Conditional Design will give an entirely new meaning to 1100 square metres of floor area in the SBP building. With the installation 12_series, Telcosystems shows how the apparently contradictory combination of preconditioned algorithmic structures and unpredictable behaviour is of fundamental importance for creative development. On the final evening, the ten new-wave jazz musicians from Atomic + The Vandermark 5 will conclude with a thundering concert, improvising in response to four days of Flux/S.

Tony Orrico | Alicia Framis | Martha Hjorth Jessen & Saygin Soher | Frank Bruggeman, Ernst vd Hoeven, Eric Roelen | Pilvi Takala | Telcosystems | David Maljkovic | Lilith Ronner van Hooijdonk | Joost II Sickenga | Tom Hillewaere | Antoine Schmitt | Conditional Design | Emre Huner & Snode Vormgevers | Atomic + The Vandermark 5 | Samuel Beckett | Floris Schönfeld & Michaël Sewandono | Wolfgang Heiniger | Superflex | Klaske Oenema & Tom America | The Great Park & Preslav Literay School | Hiba Vink, Els Moors, Maartje Wortel | nb / Nicole Beutler Projects | Lunapark | Matt Bauer, Dana Falconberry & Matangi Kwartet | We Make Carpets | Chora Architecture and Urbanism