30 MAY - 16 AUGUST 2009

In the movie ‘Metropolis’ from 1926, director Fritz Lang created the vision of a futuristic 21st century mega-city. Now that we have crossed the threshold of this century our reality makes that vision seem strangely old-fashioned as new sets of factors unconsidered by Lang move to shape the future of our urban spaces.

It is now ubiquitous computer networks, information delivery in real time and new display technologies which are the key elements transforming the face of our urban living spaces. Through them a space is taking shape whose manifestations merge the virtual and the physical. Essayist Florian Rötzer talks in this context of a “digital urbanism” whose salient features are „dispersal, decentralisation, valorisation of interiority, globalisation, individuality and mobility”. These factors shape a networked society and a “space of flows” which generate new dimensions for imagination and action no longer concurrent with the old geographies and topographies.

The exhibition Fluid Architectures gathers spaces of flow and immateriality created by artists in response to these contemporary notions the city. These fictional spaces made of light, moving image, and other media extend the idea of physical architecture to the construction of dynamic and seemingly infinite spaces enabling a sensory
experience. The works rethink the classic standards of spatial construction and topography.

Rather they introduce the new concept of ‘performative architecture’ and thus propose an imaginary urban landscape for the 21st century. The Fluid Architectures programme comprises a gallery exhibition, lectures and workshops. The exhibition is curated by Susanne Jaschko.

Artists and works: Annja Krautgasser, Walter Langelaar, Jan Robert Leegte, Dirk Lüsebrink/Joachim Sauter, Mader Stublic Wiermann, Michael Najjar, Mark Napier, Marnix de Nijs, Stanza, Pablo Valbuena

Annja Krautgasser (A), Dashed II, installation, 2008

Walter Langelaar (NL), site-specific installation, 2009

Jan Robert Leegte (NL), Ornament (Amsterdam), site-specific installation, 2009

Dirk Lüsebrink/Joachim Sauter (D), Invisible Shapes of Things Past, film-based sculptures and prints, 1995 – now

Mader Stublic Wiermann (D), folded space and twists and turns, documentation of video installation, 2008

Michael Najjar (DE), netropolis, video projection, 2005

Mark Napier (US), The Cyclops Series, prints and projection, 2006

Marnix de Nijs (NL), Exploded Views – Remapping Firenze, interactive installation, 2008 (produced within NIMk’s artist in residence programme)

Stanza (UK), Urban Generation, live generated video projection, 2006

Pablo Valbuena (ES), site-specific installation, 2009


Opening: May 29
18:30 hrs: Introduction into Fluid Architectures by exhibition curator Susanne Jaschko
19:00 hrs Lecture Digital urbanism – historical and and future utopias of the megacity by exhibiting artist Michael Najjar

Lecture by Jan Robert Leegte
June 10 – 19:00 hrs (in Dutch)

Workshop by Walter Langelaar
June 13 11:00 – 19:00 hrs (in Dutch)