15-30 JULY 2008


Flow – a Group Show curated by Christine Kennedy at the Broadway Gallery in New York City – is a summer exhibition featuring an international roster of artists whose work investigates the relationships between the fictional space of the artwork, the world and experience.

Flow, a notion allied to the writings of Gilles Deleuze, suggests a new conception of the world and experience. The Deleuzean premise that “everything flows” – air, water, breath, bodily fluids, blood, traffic, information, capital, paint, culture, people and ideas – encourages novel reflection on social, cultural and political processes, including ecological and libidinal economies, but also artistic production.

Under a rubric of Deleuzean flow, “being in the zone” means more than an elusive experience of uninterrupted creative intensity and loss of self-consciousness; being in the zone de-stabilizes the fixity of spatial and temporal coordinates. Being in the zone alludes to an experience of overflowing, to an experience that, unobstructed or unhampered by restrictions or disciplinary regimes, overflows.

Flow is the breakdown of boundaries between the self and other, the self and the world, inside and outside. Flow is interruption as well. Flows interrupt flows. The exhibition seeks to express the desire of flow; these artists capture “flow” with works that succeed in reconfiguring the boundaries between the work, its fictional space, and the world of experience.

New constellations emerge, unsettling the distinction inside/outside. The effect of flow is conveyed as the ebb and flow of information, nomadic systems, appropriated cultural memory bits, hybrid identities, and psychedelic scopic pleasure, movement, fluidity, interrupted and fissured.